I remember when I would complete surveys and be perfectly content with making a few pennies. That was until I realized that there are a whole lot of these penny pinching websites out there. What I found out was that there were also a small fraction of sites that paid much, much more than those places to complete surveys, and I'm going to show you how I did it.

You will not even need to break a sweat to get this accomplished. If you have a few extra minutes to spare, that's all you need to incorporate this trick and completely change around the types of survey sites you find. It all starts with something pretty drastic: Take whatever search engine you normally use when surfing the web for survey sites and chuck them out of an imaginary window. They do not work at finding the top dollar websites.

If you've used them I the past to complete surveys, now you know why you've been learning so little from the websites you found. None of the better paying places come up in their search results any more, because of the onslaught of penny pinching site. I have one more tip for you, though, which solves the other half of this ongoing problem: Start using big forums to your advantage, because they hold the key to the door of the top paying websites. That's right. If you want to complete surveys for real cash, pick a big forum and jump into it.

They are filled with honest knowledge about various survey related topics and those topics can easily found in their archives. Hundreds of different topics will be there and they all have their own available info, because people have been sharing everything and anything about the sites that they've found, the payments that they get to complete surveys and so much more. You will not find spam and false info here, because the large forums are very good at stripping that stuff out. It's the only step you need to take, because it ensures you find out about the real money makers.

Its well worth the couple of minutes, because it really increases the amount you get to complete surveys.

Source by Adam Woodham