Automatic Forex trading robots have become hot commodities among Forex traders in the past several years. These robots analyze the market and they are the ones who pick which trades to make. The latest in the recent influx of Forex Robots is the IvyBot.

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The Ivybot was released on July 28, 2009. The Ivybot got its name because it was developed by a group of graduates of several Ivy League universities who have vast experience trading in the Forex market.

With a vast number of Forex robots out on the market, the results are mixed. There are times when a good robot is only good at the beginning and in the long-run will provide diminishing results. This is because market conditions constantly change and it is crucial to adjust and adapt to change and this requires flexibility.

IvyBot is for newbies in the forex trading business who do not have enough capital and time but would like to try in Forex trading. You do not need any prior experience with Ivybot because it is 100% automated, meaning the robot does all the work. Ivybot will not teach you what you need to know about currency trading, it will do the trading for you.

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What is unique about Ivybot is that it consists of four Expert Advisors for the price of one. The versatility of the IvyBot gives it an edge over other forex robots. The designers wanted a robot that will also evolve together with the market conditions. To make this possible, the creators of the Ivybot designed four different robots for four different currency pairs. Most forex trading softwares can only handle the US Dollar-Euro (USD/EUR) currency pair. IvyBot goes beyond this currency pair and allots four separate forex robots for each forex currency pair. The following currency pairs are supported by Ivybot: US Dollar-Euro, US Dollar- Swiss Franc, Us Dollar-Japanese Yen, Euro-Japanese Yen. More currencies involved will mean more trades. More trade means more chances for profit. This is the selling point of Ivybot because only Ivybot has this and no other Forex robot can do this.

Another unique feature of the IvyBot is that the designers constantly monitor and adjust the robot to fit the current market conditions and these upgrades/adjustments are made available to owners at no additional charge. That is free upgrade for not just one robot but for all four robots. The best part about these upgrades is that Ivybot does it automatically. Ivybot holds a lot of promises, but like the Forex Megadroid, only time can tell which one is better.

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