The new IvyBot Forex trading system has gained its share of attention: its release was one of the most anticipated events in the Forex trading world and its live market results have shown that the excitation was well-justified. Which leads us to the obvious question: just what makes IvyBot so good?

1. IvyBot is the only self-upgrading Forex robot on the market. The Foreign Exchange is a constantly-changing swirl of activity, a hurricane of price movements and shifting conditions: for most Forex trading systems, it's either upgrade or die. IvyBot avoids this vicious cycle with continuous free updates, including it never goes obsolete as market conditions change.

2. IvyBot offers a unique new four-in-one design, using four different trading algorithms for four different currency pairs. It's like having four completely separate robots integrated into one design: this system ensures not only that you make more profit from trading, but that you have more opportunities for profitable trades as well.
3. The Forex market never sleeps, and neither does IvyBot. It will work 24/7, making you money regardless of whether you're sitting at the computer.
4. Through its own history of beta testing, IvyBot has consistently multiplied its investments. Consider this: it took them eight years of testing, and up until its release, the developers not only felt they could improve the software's performance, but they continued did!
5. You can start trading and making money with an investment of as little as $ 50.
6. You can download, install and start trading with IvyBot in less than 10 minutes.
7. IvyBot features a built-in loss prevention system, minimizing risk and protecting your investment.
8. You can trade like the professionals with session profiling, a feature previously only available to financial experts.

9. Your purchase comes complete with lifetime customer support and free automatic updates.
10. IvyBot is easy to use; You do not need to be a computer genius to master the UI and start making money. And if you have questions or issues, customer support is there to help you through the learning curve.
11. IvyBot works worldwide; You can trade in the forex market regardless of where you live.
12. Do not know anything about the Forex market? Do not worry. IvyBot will pick up the slack while you learn: it can do all the work for you.

Source by Stephen J. Lewis