In Antiquorum Rolex auction, one Rolex Submariner attracted me more than Daytona Paul Newman and other expensive Patek Philippe, after all, I am a fan of James Bond, and have been quite addictive to the exciting history of Submariner. Please keep patient and read the following story.

Generally watches in a movie attract worldwide attention, and even forming a trend that the combined sales of movie and watches. In 007, the handsome James Bond used his wristwatch to dissolute the risk to do with a matter of life and death, so that the wristwatch became so important in the movie. The portable watch becomes a weapon to the FBI. Regardless of from the reality or movie effect point of view, it seems to be very natural. Actually the original author of 007 Ian Fleming used to describe the Rolex Oyster Perpetual used by James Bond being used as side arms in his novel “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” in 1963.

In the movie of 007, the watch was really a faithful assistant to Bond and it appeared many times in the movie. You must know what the latest 007 CIA wore in the movie is the Seamaster of Omega(Die Another Day, acted by Pierce Brosnan); then do you know before Ian Fleming described the watch brand in 007, what is the first watch seen in the movie of 007? The answer is: Rolex Submariner.

Creator of 007 James Bond: Ian FlemingWhy is Rolex Submariner? First talk about something off topic. In 1953, famous climbers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first climbed on the top of Everest. But maybe you do not know that several months after human beings climbing up on Everest, Auguste and Jean Piccard, the father and son explorer also dived up to 3,150m under the sea, creating a new record in the world. With the record made the father and brother, there was a watch star being created in the world of watch, which was Rolex Submariner. The submariner developed by Rolex that year was with their submariner Trieste diving up to 600m deep, and became famous with the media report. The next year, Rolex launched its Submariner formally in the Basel exhibition hall. On 21st, Oct of 1954, CBS played a black and white movie “Casino Royale”(acted by Barry Nelson) which lasted 50 minutes, which was the first time that 007 CIA first shown on the screen, what he wore was just the Rolex Submariner launched just one year ago. So it was reasonable to give up Oyster Perpetual and wear Submariner, regardless of from advertisement or reality point of view.

Rolex Submariner James Bond 6536/1 Antiquorum 2003Another reason why James Bond wore the Submariner maybe: Bond’s background in the Original article was a commander of British Royal Navy, the interesting thing is the author of 007 Ian Fleming was a commander of British Royal Navy, and he even worked at CIA during the second world war. And in the real world, it was indeed after a series strict test, British Royal Navy last chose Submariner as their watch. Then later, the navy of France, Canada and Australia also chose Submariner in succession.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6204The first Submariner (model number: 6204) used in 007, later was called as Submariner James Bond specially, different from today’s Submariner: it did not have crown guards or shoulders, and the head, bezel and hands were also quite different. The next year after Submariner had a change, then Benz hands and 0 to 15 minute markers on the bezel appeared. In several years after that, Submariner launched 5504, 6538, 5508 and 6200 in succession.

Submariner British Army Ref. 5517In 1962, the first movie of 007 CIA, Dr.No finally appeared, and what Sean Connery wore was still Submariner (Ref.6538 or 5508?). It is said that Rolex did not want to give a Submariner to Sean Connery as a gift, so the director Albert Broccoli had to give his own Submariner which had replaced the bezel with NATO to Sean Connery to wear in the movie. Just because of this famous story, today there are also a lot of watch lovers changing their original Submariners’ steel bezel into NATO cloth bezel. Later, in several 007 movies including “From Russia with love” of 1963″Goldfinger”of 1964, “Thunderball” of 1965 and even “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” of 1969, what 007 wore were all Submariner. But in “You only live twice” of 1967 and “Diamond are forever” of 1971, scenes of 007 wearing watch did not appear.

In the 007 movie of Live and let die of 1973, Roger Moore, who acted James Bond wore Submariner Ref. 5513 again. In the movie, the Submariner had amazing functions and could change into super magnet, and its rotating case could also change into a small electrical saw. With the popularity of Quartz and electrical watches, Bonds seemed to keep pace with the science and technology and wore another Pulsar Time Computer Quartz LED in the movie. In “The man with the golden gun” of 1974, Roger Moore wore a Submariner and smoked a Cigar, which became a typical scene in many 007 and Submariner lovers’ mind.

The next watches worn by 007 may make today’s mechanical watch lovers especially Submariner owners so crazy. Seiko Quartz LC Chronograph worn in “The Spy Who Love Me”of 1977, Seiko LCD Digital worn in “Moonraker” of 1979, Seiko Quartz Analog/Digital Alarm Chronograph worn in “For Your Eyes Only”of 1981, Seiko Sports 100 LCD & Seiko TV watch with LCD screen worn in “Octopussy” of 1983, Seiko worn in “A View To A Kill” of 1985, and the watch worn in “Living Daylights”of 1987 was not clear, but in “Licence To Kill” of 1989, it is believed that Rolex Submariner were worn again and it seemed to follow the recovery of mechanical watches.

In 1995, Pierce Brosnan became the actor again in the new movie. In the movie of  “GoldenEye”, Omega went off with Rolex’s business, so handsome Bond had a new watch- Seamaster Professional Quartz, which saved Bond’s life in the movie. What war worn in “World Is Not Enough” was Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer, which could changed into hook. From then on, since people can only memorize short-term things and marketing done by watch producers, Omega Seamaster has replaced Rolex Submariner and become Bond’s typical watch. Omega especially launched a new limited edition Seamaster James Bond for the movie “Die Another Day” in 2002.

Omega Seamaster James Bond 2002 Limited EditionIn a word, no matter if you wear Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster or even Seiko as the best partner of James Bond, I hope you can enjoy this article, and if you just wear these editions of James Bond watch, then I hope the legend it owns can bring you happiness.

Source by Bill Clinton