Putting more Banksters in charge.

That seems to be the direction things are going now that the Top 1% have taken over every aspect of our lives.  In addition to consolidating their hold on our Government, the media continues to consolidate as Sinclair Broadcasting (SBGI) is taking over Tribune Media (TRCO) in a $4Bn deal making Sinclair now the single largest owner of US local TV stations (where you get your news).  

Sincleair is controlled by the Smith Family, with all 4 sons of Julian Smith serving as Executive Directors and David Smith is the CEO – a real family affair.  Sinclair is famous for broadcasting “Stolen Honor,” a propaganda documentary that falsely accused John Kerry of causing prisoners of war to be mistreated right before the election – pre-empting their prime-time programming across the country in order to influence the election.  

When Sinclair’s Washington Bureau Chief, Jon Lieberman criticized the broadcast, saying: “It’s biased political propaganda, with clear intentions to sway this election … For me, it’s not about right or left—it’s about what’s right or wrong in news coverage this close to an election,” he was fired.  In 2010, Sinclair aired another “informercial” critical of Barack Obama claiming, among other ridiculously untrue things, that Obama had said “You want freedom? You’re gonna have to kill some crackers! You gonna have to kill some of those babies.”

That’s right, all this quality programming will soon be coming to a station near you.  In fact, in December 2016,  Jared Kushner, son-in-law of then-President-elect Donald Trump, stated that they had reached deals with Sinclair to give the company extended access to the Trump campaign, in exchange for airing, without further commentary, interviews with the Republican Party candidate on its stations, which Kushner said had a better reach than cable networks such as CNN.  Trump’s FCC has now changed broadcast anti-monopoly rules to allow Sinclair to complete this mega-merger. 

There’s nothing we can do about it really and there’s nothing I can say that wasn’t said 40 years ago – and no one listened then and look what happened to us:  

Not to be outdone (or outgunned) in
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