The Kiwi Method is a new trading software created by Jake Mason. The promises that can be heard in their promo video are enticing and we understand that many traders would be excited to try it to.

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Given the fact that the Kiwi Method is being promoted as a free trading system, anyone would want to sign up for it assuming that there are no risks and they have nothing to lose.

But is the Kiwi Method truly a great solution for making investments online? Let’s find out the truth in this comprehensive review.


A Look Into The Kiwi Method App

As the name suggests, this software is targeted at people living in New Zealand. According to the claims made in the video, residents of this country can utilize this app to attain financial freedom.

Moving on, Kiwi Method has been launched as a fully automated trading software that can analyse the financial markets and predict patterns in price movements. To use the software, traders can simply sign up for it without any cost and enjoy the benefits on auto-pilot mode. Earnings can be collected at the end of the time or it will be accumulated in the trading account until withdrawn or used as further investment.

But one thing that has come to our notice is that this app has cost a lot of Kiwis their investment capital. The software doesn’t deliver on its promise and it appears that signing up for it could turn into a big mistake. Certainly, Kiwi Method doesn’t have the capacity to produce excellent trading results.

Kiwi Method: Operational Process

We want people out there to understand how these kinds of systems work to dupe innocent traders. We know for sure that it doesn’t work in the favour of its users. We also know that it doesn’t utilize algorithms or technology to execute trades in a precise manner. So how does this software actually work? Let’s take a look.

Firstly, the people behind it attract the attention of traders by making unrealistic claims on earnings. when they are successful in luring traders, they make the register with an unregulated broker. Basically, the main purpose of this program is to get new clients for the broker.

The affiliate marketers work for a commission. When they receive their share, they leave traders with an unreliable and unsafe software that executes bad trades only. The broker benefits with every losing trade made from traders’ accounts.

At the end of the day, the entire investment capital gets depleted and traders don’t get anything in return.

Good to Know:

The world’s most successful traders don’t make large or immediate gains. Instead of just relying on an automated trading tool, they carry out their own analysis of the markets and place trades which return small yet consistent gains. Over a period of time, the small gains add up to larger gains. This is a proven strategy and those who employ it are able to enhance and enjoy their trading experience.

Kiwi Method: Scam Investigation

Kiwi Method is not the kind of trading system you can trust with your investments. It is a fake app which has been duplicated several times. You can find the same app under different names, targeting different geo-locations.

We aren’t happy with what this trading system is offering because all the claims and promises it has been making are unreal. The software is also not free, because you are asked to deposit at least $250 when you sign up. After enrolling you into this bogus program, they earn affiliated commissions and you earn nothing.

The brokers aren’t genuine and you will only find out who they are after you complete the sign up process. Brokers affiliated with these apps are unregulated, risky and usually have a poor reputation in the industry.

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Now coming to Jake Mason, who appears to be the so-called creator of Kiwi Method, isn’t someone you can actually trust. He is a fictitious character and you can google his image to see all the products and places where his face is being used for promotion and endorsement purposes. These kinds of people can easily be hired from freelancing sites to do video presentations and testimonials for a small payment.

Talking about testimonials, they are also fabricated because those faces are actually stock images. The names are fake and so are those accounts they are holding because neither of them can be verified.

The Kiwi Method app is a proven scam because although they have managed to write their script really well, they have failed to help traders meet their investment needs.


Kiwi Method is identical to a number of other scam trading system. Those people have used the same lies, fake reviews and testimonials, stock images and provided false information to scam innocent traders.

Jake Mason doesn’t exist and this trading software doesn’t offer anything good to its users. Traders will be much better off without using this app. In fact, traders should avoid signing up for it and look for a safer alternative for investing in the online financial markets.


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