Bubble wraps, bubble mailers or bubble envelopes are different names of a single commodity, primarily used for the packaging of fragile and delicate shipments. Bubble mailers are mainly used for mailing the small items as they are not very expensive as compared to the boxes used for mailing other large sized items. Bubble wraps are available in many sizes which can be divided in three categories; small, medium and large bubble mailers.

Construction & Cost:

Large bubble wrap is made of thick kraft paper quite similar to any other size bubble wrap. Inside the envelope there is thick lining of the bubble sheet. If the paper is torn by any chance then the inner lining should also be torn in order to extend any harm or damage to the packed item. Large bubble wrap is particularly not demanded very frequently however it has highest resistance against any type of brokerage or damage for the shipment. Most of these are water and tear resistant.

Large bubble wraps cost higher than the small or medium wraps. Thus the shipping cost automatically increases making it slightly less desirable both on carrier’s and customer’s part. However if you intend to ship large items which are expensive and delicate in nature then large bubble wrap comes as a perfect solution. They are specifically used for filling up the void in the boxes providing adequate cushioning against all type of shocks. If you are actually confused about the length of the large bubble mailer that you may require for packaging, there is an easy way out. To calculate the exact length of the large bubble wrap adequate for wrapping the item; measure the length and thickness of the object to be packed and add two inch to it.  The two most common sizes of large bubble wrap are 65’ x 12” wide and 65’ x 24” wide.

Utility and Environment Friendly:

As already discussed the prime utility of the large bubble mailer is to fill the void in the boxes in which items are packed. With the space left in the box, item can have the possibility of getting damaged or scratched on the surface. Large bubble wraps are of considerable width and thickness and by acting as a fill up refrain the friction caused by the free space thus protecting the shipped item.

Mostly all bubble wraps are quite environment friendly. Large bubble wraps are made of kraft material which is easily recyclable. Large bubble wraps are perfect fill up as they are quite light in weight and also require less space for storage. The box weight is hardly increased while using large bubble wraps thus making it much more handy and easy to carry.

You may choose among the varied sizes available in the large bubble category. Online availability is another added feature which helps you in picking the exact item suiting your requirement. Large bubble wraps the most cost effective and space feasible way of packaging large items in the boxes.

Source by Mike Anderson