Here are some of just a few of the must see shows in Las Vegas…

If you have ever seen the Phantom of The Opera at the movies or on stage and enjoyed it, you must see the Phantom of The Opera: The Las Vegas Spectacular at the Venetian. This rendition is by far the most grand and theatrical of the stage performances, complete with state of the art special effects including a massive chandelier that magically assembles itself over the audience in the opening act. I was fortunate enough to see this show on my recent visit to Las Vegas, and having seen it on Broadway, this version deserves to be called spectacular. A VIP package is available for those who would like to get a backstage tour and private meet-and-greet with the cast members after the show.

Also at the Venetian is one of my favorite shows in Las Vegas, Blue Man Group. This show really is something that has to be seen and cannot be easily explained. It is like trying to tell an inside joke that has been translated from German. I can explain to you that the show includes hilarious comedy, powerful percussive music, special effects that will leave you scratching your head wondering how they did that, and audience participation, but unless you see the show for yourself, you really won’t understand why it is so great. If you want to be completely entertained from curtain open to curtain close, go see Blue Man Group.

One of the newest and hottest shows in Las Vegas is Le Rêve, at where else but the one of newest and hottest hotels, The Wynn. Named after a painting by Pablo Picasso owned by hotel owner Steve Wynn, Le Rêve means “The Dream” in French. This show lives up to its name with amazing visuals including angels swooping down from above and snatching mortals which sometimes plummet back down to earth. The circular stage, which seems to be more technologically advanced than most airplanes, shifts and changes depending on the scene. Sometimes it drops below the water line to provide a diving pool for the acrobats, sometimes it partially or completely surfaces to provide a flat surface, and other times it rises high in a multi-level configuration. It is not secret that Le Rêve was the brainchild of Franco Dragone, producer of shows such as O, La Nouba, and Mystere, and borrows elements from the Cirque du Soleil franchise. However, the special effects, technology, choreography and sheer beauty of this show makes it a must see for anyone who likes to be amazed. Just a note for our listeners: Le Rêve’ VIP Indulgence Package will get you luxurious seats with your own video monitor, a bottle of champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries for only $179 per person.

Of course if you prefer to see a Cirque du Soleil show, you’re in luck. There are currently five Cirque shows playing in Vegas. From O’s watery dreamlike production, to the sensual sexiness of Zumanity, to the classic Beatles’ inspired LOVE, there are some entertaining shows to see. My personal favorite is the frequently overlooked KÀ playing at the MGM Grand, which tells a compelling and action packed epic story in a strange postindustrial theatre.

What would Las Vegas be without showgirls? If you’re looking for a show that screams Vegas, look no further than Jubilee! at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. An old fashioned show with singing, dancing, a little comedy, and the sinking of the Titanic, Jubilee! Is sure to please those looking for classic Vegas entertainment. Just a warning though, many of those showgirls will be topless so plan accordingly.

There are just so many great shows in Las Vegas, that there is no way to report them all here. One thing is certain though: while staying in Las Vegas, you certainly won’t be bored.

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Source by Mike Boudet