Do you want to know how to create that edge all other eBay powersellers? All you need are these 6 time-tested methods on how to increase your exposure and garner a lot of bids.

1. Take advantage of eBay stores. You can list down multiple quantities of actions at a longer time frame. What's more, it is very cheap. You can also make use of highly advanced merchandising tools so you can cross-sell some of the items, achieve e-mail marketing leverage, and maintain your customer base.

2. Build your own prostore. You can extend brand awareness with your own personal online store and your own Web address. You can also improve your marketing skills to customers through newsletters, e-mail promotions, and announcements. You may also establish your competitive advantage in the cyber marketplace utilizing multiple sales channels.

3. Use the seller tools. You can increase almost all stages of eBay selling, ranging from customer service, bulk listing, inventory management, to buyer communication with eBay seller tools. If you are not sure which of them are the right ones for you, you can visit eBay tools wizard. You can certainly find recommendations that will fit your needs.

4. Learn SEO. You can still make use of relevant keywords to maximize or improve your visibility in the World Wide Web. These keywords may be based in descriptions, listing titles, as well as in eBay stores.

5. Track and analyze sales performance. Serious eBay sellers are conscious of how much they earn and how far they've grown. EBay's sales reports can help you understand the key contributors of your growth, determine other eBay opportunities, and improve your existing market areas.

6. Subscribe to market research mailing list. It pays to be a very informed seller. So you better subscribe to eBay's mailing list. You can even have complete access of even 3 months' worth of historical data on active listings and completed items.

Source by Sean Mize