Every year thousands of new and improved products are launched across the United States. The vast majority of those products go unnoticed by the broader marketplace, which results in reduced sales volume for manufacturers and unnecessarily limited options for consumers. So what can be done to ensure that your new product gets noticed by the right people?

A successful product launch typically requires a detailed marketing plan that includes the creation of marketing material for retailers, timely press releases both in print and on the web, email marketing, and strategic trade show marketing. When these elements combine, your product launch can quickly gain traction and generate revenue for your company.

Before initiating a marketing campaign to launch your product, you need to make sure that your product is completely finished (please note that “finished” does not mean “perfected”, as no product will ever be perfect). Your prototype should be fully functional, and the design and development process should be completely finished. Creating a marketing campaign for a completed product is much easier than creating a marketing campaign for a half-completed product.

The first step toward launching your new product is to create marketing material for retailers. Take numerous photos of your product from every imaginable angle. Make sure you have a number of photos of your product in use, as this instills confidence in your potential clients. Choose a name for your product that is unique and memorable, and write a number of short descriptions that could be used in brochures or pamphlets to market the product. Design your packaging, making sure to keep it consistent with the other products your company offers. The more work you do for your retailers, the more likely they will be to sell your product.

Once your marketing material has been created, it’s time to announce the arrival of your product. Writing a press release is a great way to get your product in front of thousands of readers. Your press release should be worded as a sales pitch, and you should be careful to be concise yet thorough when writing about your product. Be sure to mention the name of your product in the title of the press release, and link the press release to a website for your product or your company website (provided it prominently features the new product).

Email marketing is another great way to get your product in front of your target audience. If you already have an email list of the important figures in your industry, you have an advantage. If not, you can often find email addresses by looking through the website of a recent industry trade show. Your email should quickly and concisely educate your readers on the new product you offer, specifically focusing on what makes it different or better than other products on the market.

The final step in your product launch is to exhibit at an industry event. Getting your product in front of your target audience in person is a great way to convince them that you offer a quality product at a good price. You will need to reserve a trade show booth and purchase an exhibit. You may also need accessories such as trade show lights or booth flooring to help highlight your product and set yourself apart from other companies. Careful placement of your exhibit lighting can highlight your product without overshadowing your company’s brand.

Once your product has been successfully launched, your work doesn’t stop there. Continue to hone and refine your marketing material, and your investment will pay off.

Source by Andy Keeler