When you hear the term Forex signals do you think about traffic signals? The green lights that tell you it's okay to proceed forward or the red lights that tell you to stop and do not go any further without direction?

Or maybe you think about the yellow light that's telling you to proceed with caution? Forex signals are your currency traffic lights. These signals can tell you when you have a green light – in other words a go ahead to trade currency or they can warn you when the red light is given and you should stop.

These signals are sent to the trader via your cell phone (through a text message) or through your computer. It's a communication, a message to take action. Signals allow you to understand when you should make a move and when you should stop.

There are times when it's more advantageous for you to sell currency pairs and when it's best to buy. You have to learn how to read Forex signals in order to understand when those times are.

It's not as simple as traffic lights if you're trying to do it on your own. You have to study Forex and understand the difference in the various charting methods used to show market patterns.

For example, one such method is by using what's known as the candlesticks. This method evolved from Japan where it was used to track the behavior of the rice market. Candlesticks can be used as black and white but many prefer to use green and red for easier visibility.

If you use Candlesticks, you have to understand the basics behind how they work. You have to know probabilities and patterns. Without a full knowledge of how a pattern works, no matter what Forex strategy you combine it with, you will not be successful.

There's too much at stake for you to have to rely on knowing all the vast methods used to make money in Forex. That's why Forex Killer took the guesswork out of reading patterns and understanding Candlesticks for you.

This software interprets the language of the patterns and gives it to you as a simple, easy to act upon message. Forex Killer will let you know when the best time is to buy and when the best time is to sit and wait.

You get to go about your life without the frustration and worry that you might have read a pattern incorrectly. Using Forex Killer takes the head out of the trading and all you have to do is act on their signals, which is so much easier to do. Forex Killer is like having a vast library of trading information at your fingertips, information that you can take and use to make your future what you choose it to be.

Source by Craig W Jacobs