I am going to take right now, and give you probably the biggest shortcut in learning in your entire life.  In fact, you probably would have a much more pleasant time in school if they had just shared these few things with you. It deals with the actual physical way that our brains learn. If you want to learn something quickly. I mean literally, if you want to take something and virtually put it into your mind, there are very few things that you have to avoid and just a few things you have to do.  Okay?

First of all, you want to avoid sitting too long.  I mean, literally sitting.  Most of us sit down, plop down and go, I am going to go through all of these videos by Mac and I am going to run through all of them tonight.  Before you have known it, you have gone through probably six hours of information. It is practically midnight.  You are bone tired. You feel like you are ready to strike a match on your mouth because it is so dry.  You haven’t taken a water break. You haven’t gone to the bathroom. You are just miserable. That’s not the way to do it. Your brain literally has a physical limit with how much information you can put in it at one time. You also want to avoid and this is something, if there are any teachers on the line, you are probably going to be shocked; you don’t want to take note. Now I will qualify that in a minute.

You don’t want to take notes and here’s why. If you hear me say something and then you are writing it down, I don’t stop talking. Right? I continue talking while you are writing and I am here to tell you, you are even less likely to retain the information that is coming out of my mouth if you are writing at the same time.

Researches have found out that on any information that you read, hear or see; meaning a video or something like that you are going to forget 60% of it inside of 48 hours.

Sixty percent; in fact, most people inside of three days, are going to forget 80 to 90% of what they heard.  Most of the time it is because they are sitting too long, they are taking notes; they are trying to do what most of us found in school.  It’s called cramming which is try to shove all the information in our brains as quickly as possible.

Source by Mac X