MetaTrader is the world’s best trading software , and it is used by most large institutions , so you must learn MT4 or you will be trading using unproven software developed by your broker.
 Most brokers offer their own software that may seem visually appealing to you but when it come down to trading using these broker platforms you could lose your money due to platform instability . MT4 is an open source code designed specially for Foreign Exchange trading and it has many advanced features.
 You can easily learn metatrader 4 in one single page, in which I visually show you how to setup your Learn MT4 platform step by step, then I will show you how to make orders and close them of course using a free $3000 to $1000000 demo account that you create in 2 clicks without having to register on a web form and without even having to provide any personal information, Enter any name you like, you can enter the name you would like to distinguish the account from other demo accounts instead of entering your real name. Also you can enter a fake email address and fake phone number instead of real ones so no broker sales people will hunt you down trying to convince you to open a live account,
 Next I will explain in full details the summary line in MetaTrader so you will know what you are doing when you trade, also will show you how to assign profit limits and stop loss to your order and how to make pending market orders and trailing stops.
 There are other related information on this site and all of it is designed to give you a quick start in the Forex Market .
 There is video section on my site that shows actual screen recordings while trading in the MetaTrader platform, these screen recordings show you how a an order is initiated simply by right clicking on the chart of the currency you are watching, and exactly how an order is closed while the terminal window shows you all information that applies to your positions.

Source by Maya Ebasi