Gaining effectiveness and staying profitable in today’s competitive business world has become really tough. Most of the international business law firms based in Europe and US are opting for the new Legal process outsourcing route to be productive. A number of International business law firms including legal departments in large corporations and even government organizations are increasingly outsourcing most of their legal issues to India to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Similar to BPO activities legal services of India are efficient and affordable. Preparing Pleadings, proof-reading, docketing, transcription of recorded documents, research and litigation support, law firm marketing and case studies are some of the various works that are currently being outsourced to India. Legal outsourcing work in India costs nearly 80 percent less compared to the costs of using the same services in US or Europe.

Additionally the advantage of time zone, familiarity with common law doctrines and easy availability of English speaking lawyers attracts more foreign firms to opt for LPO services India. Indian attorney with UK/US qualifications are also sought after which is perfectly fulfilled by the top legal services India. Most of the overseas attorneys are impressed not just by their lower cost of labour differential but also through the speed and quality of work done. Therefore LPO India Lawyers are reported to be staffed round the clock. However legal outsourcing is also the most risk prone business sectors given concerns of attorney-client privilege and confidentiality, but the research analysts have found that its overall benefit have been tremendously boosted the business. Additionally LPO has also gained momentum in several offshore counties including South Korea and China.

Source by Harpreet Oberoi