There seem to be thousands of options for working from home, and indeed the reality looks bleak. Before you just jump right in blindly, a few questions must be addressed.

1. Can I make money?

2. Will any of this cost money?

3. How can you tell the scams?

4. What options are there?

5. Out of the many different ways, which one is best for you?

These are the top 5 questions you will be asking yourself if your toying with the idea of home based income. All this will be answered during the course of this article, but before we get to that, I wish to be quite clear about something. The methods discussed here, and in other articles I have written will NOT make you a millionaire overnight. This is by no means a get rich quick scheme. Hard work, and research will be necessary to achieve income, and reputation. However this does not mean it cannot be an interesting, and worthwhile venture. Most of those who have taken this path truly enjoy what they do, and do their best to provide the public with as much rich content, and excellent offers as they can.

I will admit that there are ways to use these methods to earn serious cash really fast, but those that do have previous experience in advertising, web design, or some other head start to help them immensely. Obviously this is directed to those of you who do not, because you definitely would not need to be reading this if you did. Be aware that I by no means am trying to scare anyone away. My goal is for you to become your own boss, as I did. I will not lie to you on what to expect either. There are pitfalls, dangers, and setbacks in all things in life, but hopefully I can help you in avoiding those that you may encounter in the online world. As those in business(gamblers too)say “Big risk, big gain”.

Can I make money?

The short answer. Absolutely. All of these options are legitimate, though the sites may not be, which we will discuss of course. The potential for wealth from online jobs is vast. Billions are spent every year on the internet in various ways, and millions of people are searching the web at any given time. Of course money simply is not going to fall on your lap. A little time, and effort will be needed for your income to start rolling in. Plenty of competition out there as well, but it is a huge ocean, and I am sure you will not find that too much of a problem.

Naturally some of the top 7 ways to make money presented here require only a little work, and have no competition. Surveys, Paid offers, and Data entry are prime examples. Depending on what you focus on, and the level of work you put into it, you could be earning a modest extra income, or a cash farm. Really it all comes down to how badly you want it. One thing to remember is that you are by no means limited in what you want to do. Focus on one method(ex. Blogging), or combine two, or all of them if you want to maximize potential earnings. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Will any of this cost money?

Yes, and no. Again it comes down to your decision. Plainly speaking, all of the methods save building a website will cost you nothing to register to your desired niche, and you can start whatever you have chosen instantly. To proceed to the next level might require a little extra help from you however. Whatever you choose will have a myriad of options that though they cost a little at first, you will be making it back ten fold soon enough. For example you become an affiliate, run your ads using free methods, and what happens, happens. Let us say you want to kick it up a notch. Free methods are all, and good but they only produce so much. We will use me as an example for that. I became an affiliate, chose my niche(guess), and began advertising on classifieds. I bought a domain name, and a few other things. Within two weeks I had made what I spent back. I will admit that half of that came from the free classifieds so do not think you have to spend money. The bottom line is you can do all of this absolutely free, but never forget that sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

How can you tell the scams?

It can be difficult sometimes to pick out the true from the false. Both sides have trademarks that give them away. Offering you riches, or whatever with gimmicky pages and long testimonials is not enough to identify a fake. Quite frankly, everyone exaggerates what they offer, it is the fundamentals of advertising after all. One thing to look for is certification. A true site knows this, and proudly displays certification in plain view, or at least on the home page. Anyone that offers something for nothing should be suspect right off the bat. As I said before joining surveys, or being an affiliate can be free, but by no means are you getting free money. Your services are helping other businesses advertise, or do research.

Plus you will be working for it. Internet security can help you filter out the really bad sites. Nortons for example are exceptionally good at spotting dangerous, or fraudulent sites, though any good security program will do. The most important piece of advice I can give you is pretty simple. Use your eyes. Check the site out, look around for certification. You do not have to read every little detail, but at the same time a quick scan will reveal tell tale signs of either nature. Trust your gut, and you will do fine.

What options are there?

There are 7 top ways to earn online. Others may argue, but I believe these are truly the best ways to make money online. If you do not like wasting your time that is.

1. Affiliate: I intend to cover this in depth in another article so we will cover the basics. If you did not already know, an affiliate is simply a medium for a company, and a consumer. Affiliates advertise for these companies, some well known, and if the consumer finds his, or her way to the business sites through them, then the affiliate gains depending on the contract. Most companies offer big commissions if a sale is made, and some just want registration. You simply drive traffic to them, and let them handle the rest. Almost every site is an affiliate, or has affiliates working for them. An excellent way to amass income, as even only one sale a day(out of millions of people potentially viewing your ads)would net you around $1200 a month. Give, or take a little of course. Worth a look to be sure.

2. Data Entry type jobs: Data entry, and the others like it(E-mails, telecommuting etc. )are really in a class of their own. These are 100 percent legit. They offer an hourly wage, and you will most likely work 8 hours a day, just like any other job. Coming in various forms, a guaranteed way to make money from home. If anyone is interested I have a big list of sites of this nature. I have not added them to my site as of yet so E-mail me for them. Naturally they are free of charge if you want them.

3. AdSense: Pay per click advertising, when certain requirements are met pretty much equals free money. Search engines like Google, yahoo, and other companies offer to pay you to place ads on your various platforms. These ads sit there, and earn. A website, or other online platform such as a blog is needed though, to place the ads on. When ever some one clicks on one of these ads, it is money in your pocket. There is a downside though, as a large volume of traffic is needed to generate clicks, but it is not difficult to generate easy money combined with another method to bring that traffic in. A must have if you plan on writing blogs, or start a website. Beware to the greedy. Fraud of any kind is not tolerated, and is monitored closely. If you click your own ads, or get anyone you know to do so, then you deserve what will happen.

4. Blogs/Articles: Blogs are sort of an online journal, while you already know what a article is I hope. Combined with AdSense can generate some good money. Also a way to promote your website if you have one. Writing skills are needed for these. Obviously people are not going to read a bunch of Google ads. Blogs, and articles have become quite huge in the last few years. To not use them would be foolishness in the extreme. My advice is to stick to what you know, and to your chosen niche. If you choose simply to run ads, and promote nothing, then write a blog on your life, your loves….. whatever. As a friend of mine always says “sell stories, not products”. Simply by themselves blogs, and articles can generate a stable income. Keep in mind some blog/article sites do not allow you to use adsense, but finding the ones that do are so easy it is not even worth mentioning.

5. Web site: Combined with blogs, articles, Ad sense, and being an affiliate, probably the best way for your home business to flourish. Do not be too hasty. Gaining a site is not as easy as you would think. Registering a domain name, and figuring out your best options is easy, but the actual building of the site can be confusing. Several ways are available such as getting your site built for you, or many domains offer web building tools to help. I suggest using one of the various web building tools, domain, or otherwise to create your pages. Unless you are familiar with HTML coding, and such, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Plus it is pretty fun to build your own site, and you are the best one to know where you want certain things after all. Once it is running, focus on getting traffic(blogs etc. ), and watch the cash roll in. This will not happen over night, but in a few months, with some effort, you will see what I mean.

6. Surveys: Companies research the market all the time. They pay for peoples opinions on various subjects. Completion of each survey, which takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes will net you cash, rewards like gift cards etc, or both depending on the surveyor. Prices for completion vary from $1, or $2, and can go up to $150!. Panels, and focus groups offer even more, $200-$500, though they take 2-4 hours to complete. Two types of sites exist. Paid, and free. The free ones are hard to sort through, as they offer little in terms of reward, and have many frauds among them. Paid sites are equally suspect. Some have a tiny or no database at all, or else you could be waiting months before you get your first survey. The best way to go about it would be to search the sites, and do as much research as you can on that particular site that catches your eye. Real survey sites do exist of course, I am simply saying they will not be easy to find. I know many people who swear by the moon by it, and some of them do only surveys for their income. I offer a growing list of paid, and free sites on my site for those who are interested. A simple, effective way to earn from home, once you have found the right spots.

7. Paid Offers: Should have been grouped with surveys, as they are in essence twins. The broad scope of offers called for a number however. You can be paid to watch TV, movies, drive your car, read E-mails, surf the web etc. Paid offer sites are free to join, so do not be taken if they ask for cash, or sensitive information. The same rules of surveys apply-research. I would not recommend replacing your main source of income for this, but it can be fun, and the gifts/rewards can certainly add up if you do enough of them. I have a list of these as well, which will go on my site eventually. Please E-mail if you wish them.

Source by Barry J Martin