If you feel that your qualifications are hindering your career progress, consider legitimate work from home jobs that consider only your skill without being governed by the presence or absence of academic credentials. You may not be a qualified management graduate but may possess superior administration skills. The external corporate world will insist on qualifications or at least experience for you to support your claims. However, in the virtual corporate world, you will find that there are clients who are willing to give a person a paid trial before confirming or rejecting the services to be provided.

Virtual Assistant

This kind of work involves a few hours, maybe four to five hours a day, of legitimate work from home jobs involving administrative assignments that the client wants done. This may involve drafting communication, sending out emails, keeping track of information and preparing reports, travel arrangements and other similar work. If you are in a position to dedicate a certain number of hours to a client on the basis of requirement, this type of work will suit you. The skill required for this work is the ability to be systematic, follow instructions, punctuality and error-free output.

Recruitment Assistant

Different industries are managing the pressures of recruitment by outsourcing the aspects of the job that involve communication and data maintenance that lead to legitimate work from home jobs. When a vacancy arises at a placement agency or a company, the resumes that pertain to the vacancy are forwarded to you by email. You may be expected to convert the text of the resume into a tabulated format that is provided by the client. You may be required to contact the candidates and arrange interviews and provide confirmations to the client. Once the client has completed the interview process, you may be required to remain in contact with the candidate. The skill requirements of this job are similar to the one above and require between four to six hours daily.

Accounting Assistant

This is a job that requires prior book-keeping knowledge and the ability to be accurate for legitimate work from home jobs. Different types of transactions that are carried out in the course of a day require accounting entries to be made and tallied. This job may allow you the flexibility of working a limited number of hours depending on the size of the client. Remote book keeping, data entry into an online system, reporting, form filling, filing tax returns are some of the common jobs that are available.

Public Relations Assistant

If you have a flair for written communication and have experience in marketing or writing copy, you will find these types of legitimate work from home jobs interesting. Companies and individuals want an introductory piece that talks about the business, the objectives and similar information to be written in a manner that keeps the reader engaged and willing to know more about the offering. Sometimes, the work may extend to include writing press releases, preparing interesting email copy and other initiatives to promote the business. You will be expected to follow certain rules regarding the usage of specific words that will draw traffic to the site.

Source by Alan Lim