Now I know everyone has heard at least once that the money is in the list. The best way to start growing a list is by offering free downloads or start giving things that are worth a lot of value. The other good ways to start growing a list is by offering extra bonuses on products that you sell. For example: If I sold you a television that you were interested in buying and then I offered you an extra tv guide that will help you use the tv better, if you enter in your name and email.

List building can be easy once you get the hang of it. The real problem why your list would not be growing fast enough would be because your not sending that much traffic to your site or your offer is not good enough. List building should be regularly practiced because the best way for you to keep in contact with your buyers.

The best way you can make quick money is buy promoting to your list. I know you have seen these videos where everyone is talking about pushing this button to send to their list a great offer and they immediately make money. This is true and you can do it as well if you take the time to practice list building with all of your offers instead of just making a quick sale.

If you want to keep up a customer constantly buying from you, you have to consistently give them the best offers and offer the valuable information. Online business is especially the best way can do this because the internet is just really a big place to share information.

Source by Charles M Kid