August 29, 2014 12:00 am | Author: investright

In preparation for back-to-school shopping this year,
prepare a list and a budget in advance and make sure you stay within its

In a recent
, 8 in 10 Canadians believe that back-to-school shopping is getting
more expensive. It is important to stay conscious of what your kids actually
need for school and to purchase the essential items ahead of time in order to
avoid potential price increases or lack of supply, which could result in you
having to buy a costly alternative. 

Below are some savings tips that could help you save money
and meet your budget needs:

  • Shop early. This will allow you
    to get the best prices on essential items and ensures that they aren’t sold out
    as school approaches. Many people also wait until the last minute to do their
    shopping so they are unable to utilize other options, like online stores or the
    classifieds that can offer good deals. When you are shopping online, you need
    to also consider shipping costs.
  • Look for student discounts. Shop
    around and look for retailers who offer student discounts.
  • Buy refurbished electronics. Refurbished
    laptops and other electronic devices are often available used and tend to cost
    much less than buying a new product that will be out of date by the next school
  • Recycle items from around your house. A
    lot of school supplies and clothing accessories can be found around the house.
    Make it a game for your kids and have them help you find items that will be of
  • Consider all costs before shopping in the US.
    Keep in mind the food and gas costs associated with making a trip away, the
    costs for a hotel if you are staying overnight, and the US exchange rate.

By preparing your budget and a list of what your kids will
need far in advance, you will be able to stay within your budget, and still be
able to set your kids up with all the gadgets that they will need for the
school year.

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