Each of us begins to understand what is money, from early childhood. My daughter had a box with money gathered in "secret", since she was at age of 11 years. When she was 14 years old, she asked me if I need a loan. But she immediately added that she does not do this for nothing, but the loan has an interest and I have to agree to pay it.

Each of us grows with some image about money, but when we become adults, we have a specific and defined mental image about money. This mental image is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind and it is not easily to change. Or, in most cases, it is not possible to change at all, through life. Most people have this mental image accompanied by feelings of fear. Fear that "money does not suffice", or "I need more money and I have no possibility from where to take it", or "how the hell to make more money?". This explains the fact that most people have a life of constant financial struggle. I had an uncle that daily I heard him saying: "We were born to live as a dog lives."

The vast majority of lotto players belong to this category of people. They play the lotto in the hope that they will win the grand prize, which will release them, both from that permanent fear of not having enough money and from the burden of that mental image which actually pulverizes their life. If, by chance, any of them wins the big prize, he will lose all his money immediately after he won. All those sad cases, you have heard about, are living examples of those who have not had a winning mind, and were not prepared to enjoy this money.

A person who wants to win the lottery, and yet the first prize, he must to think "rich". Okay. This is the theory. Poor man is not interested in theories. They want money and some practices that help them to get out of the impasse. The problem is that mental image, and printed beliefs, deeply ingrained since childhood, and the feelings about the money, all these will not leave so fast. Quite the contrary, all these tend to stay with them, all their lives. Okay. What to do?

Lotto is a money game for adults. Much, little, every week, there are people winning in every lottery in the world. But they win occasionally and by chance only. I now will teach you how to win systematically and gradually, to reach from small sums to large amounts and even very large amount of money ..

You have 21 days to get rid of all those negative thoughts that prevent you from winning and are blocking your mind from thinking big. For example: "that is what always happens to me", "I want to get rid of all the financial problems, once forever", "maybe the luck will smile me in this life", and others like these. In these 21 days, you will replace these thoughts, with a single positive and constructive statement, which you will repeat over and over again, whenever you realize that you are thinking negatively. For example: "I now prepare myself to win the lotto".

After 21 days you choose a single lottery system and start to analyze it. You take the last 50 previous draws and arrange all the drawn numbers in columns by their frequency. You will do this until you get the actual live draw. Now you are looking for signs that indicate what numbers have a high potential to be drawn next time and make with them, different combinations, on paper. Do not buy tickets yet. Put them on paper and control them when will be the next live draw.

Start to visualize that you already won, be joyous, be happy, feel that you have already money, live every moment intensely. Repeat it often in parallel with the visualization and continue to work on your system. You will notice that incrementally win more and more money and you have more and more winning numbers. Now buy more tickets, but do not stop to visualize your success.

Source by Victorya Gold