Mafia Wars is another hit game in Facebook, so many people dive into it.You will easily notice that many mafia wars players request adding friends everyday. I guess you are the one. Doesn’t it?

How Mafia Wars Cheat Helps You to Cook Your Own Big Cake?

You may heard many methods before In the Internet telling you the secrets way to play mafia wars, like five ways to grows you mafia, mafia wars cheats and tricks, fastest way to get godfathere points. But all of them just give you a piece of cake, it did not help relieve you hunger. Right?

I am sure you come here is aiming at finding a comprehensive mafia wars guide but not just someone babbles with so called strategies to you and then promised you will succeed. Forgive my rude. I would say don’t be silly, the piece of cake cannot help. You need a guide that guide you how to cook your own cake so that you have your unique cake and eat whenever you want.

Mafia Wars Blueprint you can say is a recipe to you, a comprehensive guide helps you to build up your own unbeatable mafia kingdom. You are no need just focus on how to add more friends, how to get godfather points. These are just the basic things in mafia wars, every players dealing with these thing. If your goal is a mafia kingdom, you need to do something special.

How to Build Up your Mafia Kingdom ( Queendom) in Facebook?

So far, I cannot give you a whole picture how to do it since I am not a top experts in mafia wars. However Tony Sanders (T-Dub) – the author of Mafia Wars Blueprint can help you. If you don’t know who is Tony Sanders, please read my another article Here. He is really a expert spend lots of time analysis Facebook’s popular games. It is not surprised he can play so well in mafia wars and other games like Farmville, Café World, Happy Aquarium, Pet Society. He is very pro in this niche.

What You Need To Do Now?

First of all, I am sorry You cannot find some strategies in my article here If You are interested in cooking you own cake, building up your mafia kingdom (queendom), I will recommend you grab Tony Sanders’ Mafia Wars Blueprint as a recipe. I am sure it will help you.

Source by Gary Law