Can you make a man want you? Do men enjoy the chase? Does playing hard to get really work? Is it possible to make him chase you? The answer is yes to all four questions. He might actually enjoy it more than you.

By nature men are hunters so put that quality to good use and make him come to you. Let him chase you around the yard for a little while to take the time to figure out his motives. If he does not mind the idea of ​​fighting for your heart, then he's off to a good start. Do not go to him right away but make him come to you first.

A coy game of cat and mouse actually let's you see what he's chasing. Men are lazy when it comes to relationships and taking a bold step on their own. They have to see all the possibilities. By making him come to you, his true motivations for you in particular are revealed and romance is possible.

Since men are too lazy to suck it up and speak their hearts or do something romantic many relationships can fail from their lack of work. From the start he should know any man must know he has to earn you. Play hard to get and do not give him anything until he wins your trust. Laziness is not allowed with you.

The reason behind the chase is to understand what he sees in you. Sometimes those looking for sex will walk away but a man interested in a woman does not give up to a possibility of winning her heart. Dates of mutual intellectual conversation and keen interest in personality are good signs he likes what he sees so far. So make him come to you to separate the good from the scum.

Source by Tina L. Jones