How does someone make honest money online? There have been so many get rich quick schemes over the years it is impossible to count them all. However, there are legitimate ways to build a long-term business on the Internet and you can get it up and running fairly quickly.

One of the simplest and most established methods of starting an online business is creating a "How To" course. Now if you are new to Internet Marketing, at first glance you may think this is above your skill level. But let me share a few topics regular folks have created "How To" courses about and use them to make honest money online.

I have intentionally left off the phrase "How To" in this list so you can easily make out the topics: Build a Chicken Coup, Make Soap, Make Candles, Train Your Golden Retriever, Care for Your Ferret, Build a Shed, Make Hair Bows for Your Kids, Build a Homemade Boat, and the list goes on. Almost any topic you are skilled-in has a market that is interested in learning about it.

You may have seen some of these types of products marketed on Prime Time TV by a large corporation and think there is no way you can do the same thing; It must cost way too much. Well in the 1990's and early 2000's that was pretty much true. But the cost of reliable hosting for a website with reasonable traffic has dropped to about $ 10 a month. So you can basically market your informational product to anyone in the world with an Internet connection very cheaply.

You probably have some of the same questions that usually pop into people's heads. Why would someone buy from me if some large well-known corporation is selling a similar course? How do I get people to visit my website? Even if I have an area of ​​interest, how in the world do I create a "How To" course?

You are Not Competing with the Big Corporations

It is called Niche Marketing. As you can probably tell from the list we went through earlier there are tons of markets out there that the big corporations would never dream of creating an information product in. However, a Regular Joe (or Jane) with $ 10 a month overhead can make a really good living in any of these niches.

Getting Consumers to Your Website

There are more ways to get people to your site than you can shake-a-stick-at and many of them are free. For example, if you have a video course you can publish short previews of it on YouTube with a link to your site in the description. There are also tons of highly trafficked forums covering almost every subject you can think of. You can interact there with a link to your site in your forum signature that shows up every time you post. Many of the forms also have very cheap advertising space.

Creating a Home Study Type Course

High-quality video cameras now come in the form of flip cameras that cost less than 100 bucks. So you can make a DVD course on pretty much any topic very inexpensively. If your topic is related to something you do on the computer, there are a few low-cost and FREE screen capture options available. And if your product is simply an e-book, there are tons of free PDF converters. YES – ebooks still sell like hot cakes if the information (and sales letter) is good.

In case we got a little too in-depth and the paragraphs above, the basic idea is you can turn your hobby into a long-term online business.

Source by GL Hollaway