If you are struggling financially at the moment you are not alone. Here are 10 top tips on how to make money in the UK.

1 Get paid to shop

If you use cashback sites on the internet they will give you a small percentage back on what you spend. These sites are excellent when buying insurance as you can get as much as £ 60 cashback.

2 Lodge foreign students

If you have a spare room you could provide accommodation for foreign students. By doing this you could net nearly £ 100 per week depending on how big your house is and where it is located.

3 Commercialise your website

This is quite easy to do if you already have a website. Google AdSense is very easy to add to your site and can provide you with extra income quickly.

4 Freelance work

There are lots of websites where you can bid to do freelance work. You can fit this work around your normal full time job. You will be competing with other freelancers around the world so be prepared for some competition.

5 Sell stuff on eBay

Lets be honest, you have accumulated so much stuff over the years that you do not use anymore. Think about selling your CDs, your clothes, anything of your things (well most of your things!) Have some value. Be creative as most of it is junk anyway!

6 Police ID parades

This is a great way to make money as it is so easy. You just go along and the police video you. You can earn up to £ 10 per hour for this type of work.

7 Be a TV extra

This can be a boring but easy way to make £ 100 per day. Most of the day you will be standing around doing nothing but you still get paid for it. Who knows, you may even get to meet your favorite TV Soap star.

8 Complete surveys

There are lots of surveys that you complete online that will pay you for your work. This is great if you have some free time as you can just sit at your computer and answer questions. The amounts you receive vary but the amount of time they take is not that demanding so it works out at a decent hourly rate.

9 Medical trials

Some trials are more risky than others and therefore are compensated differently. Obviously the more risk associated with the trial the more money you can get. Always ensure you fully understand the risks before signing up to any medical trial.

10 Sell your old mobile phone

You are bound to have an old mobile in stashed away in a drawer somewhere. You can sell it for up to £ 150 but most range from £ 10 – £ 40. Still good money for something you are not using anymore.

Now go and put these make money ideas into practice and make quick easy money.

Source by Jon L Lee