I’d like to draw your attention to some remarkable claims that I get to hear a lot from my list of customers and in forums and blogs around the place. I am still amazed that budding entrepreneurs are still getting sucked into the scams that claim you can be a Millionaire in a few short weeks and with little work. I want you to sit up straight and if you have a mirror look into it and say out loud while looking yourself in the eyes;

“I will be a Millionaire in 10 weeks time without having to work for it”

Did you see how silly you looked and how stupid it sounded? That’s because the only way you can do that is by winning the Lotto. FACT. Unless of course you have a rich relative or marry a Millionaire.

Entrepreneurs are unique from most people because they tend to follow a dream and believe me they dream a lot. Having dreams and striving to get them to reality is what drives us on. When things get difficult or tough or even if we have failed or made a huge mistake we learn from them.

You must pursue your dream of becoming financially independent or whatever it may be. Are you pursuing your dream or are you still just dreaming?

An entrepreneur never ever ever gives up on his/her dream.

BUT. There are some things you need to take into account when pursuing your dream and that is some sort of structure.

What is your vision? Are you starting to live that vision? What I mean by this is have you imagined in your mind that you are going to be wealthy. What house you long to live in, which car will you be driving and where will you be going on holiday? Think like an entrepreneur and talk like one. Mix with similar people who all have dreams of greatness.

Commitment is essential when you are pursuing your dreams. You need to know that you will have to work hard at achieving success and realising your dreams. That’s why you are an entrepreneur. You are the one who will be slogging away trying to get to the next step in your bid to live your dream. I constantly work 16-17 hours per day pursuing my dreams. I have more than one to keep me busy.

One is to transform the way making money online is taught in the UK. In my opinion it’s all gone a little stale. The same old faces telling the same old story over and over again and sucking money from your pocket for little in return.


Take Action – As I have said, you will get nothing back if you put nothing in. Simple as that my friends. I don’t mean take action by starting some online business for the sake of it. I mean getting passionate about something you believe in. Create something that is useful and not some crap you want to sell off Clickbank that’s already been run ragged. All you have to do is hit the big fat GO button and get stuck in. Take action and something will happen.


Get results – If you are not selling then find out why? Do tests and see if little changes to your mindset or product can help. Set yourself some realistic goals that are achievable. Start off small. Get to the 5,000 mark, then the 10k then 50k and so on. Before you know it you will be well on your to making a lot of money online.

Get your product right, the pricing, the format – DVD, CD, EBOOK or whatever it is you use. Get to know your customers and find out what they prefer.

Decide on your strategy and decide how you will get to see your dreams in reality.

You need to make things happen – Build a plan for your first month income, one for the next 6 and then one for the year. Strive towards achieving that income goal from your online business. Entrepreneurs never think small. YOU must think BIG and push yourself beyond your comfort zones.

REWARD yourself when you reach this goals. Take a holiday or even go for a big celebration dinner. These are the times you will cherish the most. I remember my first sale off the Internet. I went and spent the whole 29 pounds on a slap breakfast at a local cafe. Nothing flash I know, but someone else paid for that breakfast. It was a proud day I can tell you that.

Find the time – Starting an online business [http://www.onlinebusinessmarketer.com] will take time and effort from you. At least 10-15 hours a week needs to be spent on this just to build some momentum to get traction otherwise you will sit and spin and get nowhere. Ever heard the saying, I travelled a million miles but got nowhere?

Care about what you produce – Please do not create junk or crap that will not help anyone and in turn will not make you a penny. Care about your customers and always return calls and emails. You may just learn something.

CARE ABOUT YOURSELF. Don’t burn yourself out. Maintain a constant acceptable pace that will let you also enjoy family life and friends.

Learn to trust your GUT FEEL – This is always your initial instinct that in most cases is right. Listen to your instincts as they will help protect you from making silly decisions. Just like buying a course for thousands that offers little in return.

Always be willing to LEARN from each and every experience you see or hear. Learn from others and learn from your instinct.

Reduce your RISK – Do this by making sure you do your research up front. Find out who is also in your market place and check out what solutions they offer before jumping in and losing face and money.

With this said it can be tough to let go of a product you thought would be interesting. It may just be that from your research this product has been over sold already and you may have to step back and start again. This is one of the toughest parts of starting out. Making the tough decisions and trusting your instinct will be worth it in the long run.

When checking out the competition take a look at what they do and if you think you can really do it much better then go for it. Think about some ideas and build on them. Turn them into a worth while solution. Somebody may have a great piece of software out there that they have no idea on how to promote. Set up a JV and you too could make a fortune from someone elses ideas.

DREAMS – Without them it’s going to be hard to an online business because without a dream you have no passion. You must do something you are going to enjoy. It’s no use trying to sell something online that you find boring. You have to be passionate about your product and ideas and believe in them.

Many self made multi millionaires have the same thought process and the same beliefs for success in business whether on or off line.

Online is where it is going to be and now is the time to get started so you are established when the Internet really takes off and you will have a good name built up over the next 2-3 years.

So please, don’t just buy some rubbish just because it sounds good. Don’t just buy off some GURU because he has many followers who I call wasters. Wasters because they spend most of their time just reading emails from these guys and buy all the crap that they never use. They go on forums and pretend to be experts but offer very little. Hey, anyone can copy text from an eBook and use it to answer questions on forums.

There are a lot ofso called gurus offering the same stuff and promoting each other. Make sure you follow your own passions and instincts and firstly establish what you are passion about and how you are going to promote and produce your products.

Starting an online business is not what I would call hard but it is going to burn you up alive if you get it wrong. Get it wrong from the outset and you will lose lot’s of money and time.

Take care

Ashley Banfield

Source by Ash Banfield