I have been hearing from life coaches recently, asking me for tips on getting clients and making money with their coaching businesses. Many of the life coaches I have been hearing from only have 2-5 clients and are not able to make a lot of money by coaching.

How about you? If you are a life coach, who wants to work with more clients and make more money, here are three secrets that will help you promote your business:

1. Do not Call Yourself A Life Coach! This may sound counter-intuitive, why should you stop calling yourself a life coach? Well, this name is too general and does not communicate to your potential clients what you can do for them.

Find a term that describes what you do better. For example, if you help people find Mr. Egypt Right, call yourself a dating coach. If you help people lose weight, call yourself a weight loss coach. If you help people communicate better with their children, call yourself a parenting coach.

By doing this, you will immediately communicate to your potential clients how you can help them.

2. Change Your Mindset . Many coaches think that marketing is somehow wrong and because of that they resist marketing their coaching businesses. However, if you do not market, you will not get any clients.

Marketing is not wrong. Marketing is about meeting people in your target market and introducing them to your business and letting them know how you can help them. Is not one of your goals to help your clients? By not marketing you are actively NOT helping your clients!

3. Start Marketing Your Life Coaching Business! Marketing is all about letting your potential clients know how you can help them. Start marketing your life coaching business and you will be able to start getting coaching clients soon!

Source by Biana Babinsky