A good lookalike can earn hundreds of pounds per session just for attending corporate events, parties or places, pretending to be a celeb. This is for people who are pretty much an exact lookalike though – if you bear more of a 'passing resemblance' to a sportsman or film star you will not have a constant stream of bookings and so probably will not make a full-time wage. Only the more popular celebs like David Beckham or Marilyn Monroe tend to get regular bookings so think about this too when you embark upon your new freelance career.Sometimes though novelties, or current events, can play to your advantage.Currently, for example, Fakefaces is 'urgently looking for a David Cameron lookalike' for an upcoming corporate event. They also badly need a Gordon Brown, a Lewis Hamilton, a Lily Allen and any of the Dragons from Dragon's Den.

If you are good at doing your character's voice or have other skills you can make more money. Impressionist Caroline Bernstein gets more work as Ann Robinson, Cherie Blair, Sharon Osbourne and Cilla Black because she can do their voices too. Susan Scott Lookalikes has a David Beckham who has honed his football skills so that he can be photographed actually kicking a ball.

If you think you might look like a celeb, but you're not sure, go to MyHeritage's online facial recognition tool. Simply upload a forward facing photo to the site and it'll pop up with a list of famous people that match your profile. Sometimes it's way off the mark, but these results are often just as entertaining as the accurate ones!

To make your look as authentic as possible, you're going to have to kit yourself out with the right costume. Depending on your character, this could mean a fancy wig, stiletto heels or even goofy fake teeth. You'll have to study your lookalike very close to get the outfit and make-up perfect and remember that it's the most iconic styles that will go down the best with the crowds. Think Madonna in that conical bra or Johnny Depp in full pirate mode.

Ideally, should you want lots of repeat business and to be taken seriously by the agencies, you should really think about getting some professional photographs taken. To do this you will have to contact a local portrait photographer – you can find one by doing a quick Google search, but we recommend you call a few to get the best quote.

However, professional photographs can be a little pricey so for your first shots you might just want to get hold of a friend who's a little handy with a camera. Make sure you take plenty of snapshots if you're choosing this option so you have plenty to choose from.

When applying to an agency, always give them a call first to ask if they have any demand for your particular character. If they do, then find out who the best person to speak to would be and try to deal with them directly. Each agency will have different processes for getting you signed up but all will require your photographs or 'headshots' to determine whether or not they would like to interview you. Because of this, you should be prepared to front the postage costs to send them to their offices.

Remember that the more agencies you contact, the more likely you are to get on their books and the more likely you are to get regular work. So call every agency you can to boost your chances of getting booked. A lot of corporate work happens in the run-up to Christmas and New Year so get your photograph into the lookalike agencies now to be considered for these parties.

Getting a booking normally means you'll be required to turn up at parties and events to entertain the general public or guests. That could simply mean meeting and greeting or depending on your talents, the odd party trick here and there. You may also be required for modeling, TV adverts, launches or just about anything media-related. The work can be completely varied so there should not ever be a dull moment. Just be prepared to get stopped in the street for autographs on your way there!

Source by Jasmine Birtles