Tutoring is often a good option to make money as a student and you do not need to have a post-graduate student to be able to do this. If you are an undergraduate, why not tutor some high school students in your local area? Students that seek out a tutor tend to be highly motivated to listen and learn. This has been done very successfully by many college students. One of the benefits of doing this kind of work is that you can easily negotiate your tutoring sessions around your personal schedule.

Another way to make money as a student, is to see wherever you can get some employment in the area you hope to one day be qualified in. Is there a possibility to be someone's assistant. This might mean that you get paid a bit less than the average, but it could give you a marketable edge in the long run with the added experience and knowledge you would gain from this experience. I know that accountants could use assistance around tax time. This is the path I took while studying for my degree to become a music teacher – I taught piano at home.

What about your hobbies? Is there any way you can make money as a student by turning a hobby into a small business? With the aid of the internet, this has probably become more of an option than ever before because the trend is for more people to buy online than in a traditional store. I have a friend who enjoys knitting and crocheting, so together with a friend, they have started their own business making baby clothes.

The internet can provide excellent ways to make money as a student. Surveys are not really a great option, in my opinion because the amount they pay for the time you spend filling in these surveys is minimal and as a student, you do not have a lot of spare time to waste. You can also make money trading Forex, but at this point in time, I know nothing about it, so I can not comment as to whether it is good way to make money as a student or not. What I do know is that affiliate marketing is surely a good option because the perception potential is limitless and you can work around your study schedule and other time commitments.

A word of warning, there are many money making schemes on the internet, promising easy money – so many are scams. If you were interested in making money online, then proceed with caution.

I hope that I have provided ideas that you can use successfully. Good luck with your studies and with making enough money to complete your studies.

Source by Jen Penn