A psychic is a person who is believed to possess extra sensory perception and is highly intuitive individual. A psychic is looked upon as a source to help, to provide information about the future. However, in the vast spectrum of problems mannish faces, psychics are usually faced with questions related to love, relationships, money, career, contacting the dead and past lives. It is advisable to keep in mind that this serves more as entertainment than any real purpose. Psychics make their own efforts to provide help, but this is not to be used as alternative therapy.

Psychics are gifted with clairvoyance and are highly intuitive individuals. These people register themselves with the psychic industry and then pause sessions from home. This is a feasible option for a profession and they do make fast money. This practice is becoming popular and a very nominal investment is made to set up psychic hotlines at home.

Different methods are adopted to determine if the psychic advice provided is comprehensive. After a psychic reading, people need to introspect whenever all their questions have been answered. It is important to ask many questions, to ease the mind. Psychics generally connect with people instantly and some of their callers are just lonely and looking for companionship. Psychic hotlines are dedicated services and could even be toll free numbers. Other hotline services may be charged dependent upon call duration.

Psychic hotlines are just one dimension of the world's growing psychic industry. Psychic fairs are commonplace in many cities. Some organizations sponsor monthly psychic fairs featuring crystal ball gazers, astrologists, palmists, clairvoyants, seers and tarot card readers. These specialists lure the visitors with their abilities.

Source by Ken Marlborough