Outsourcing proves to be one of the best consequences made possible through the Internet as it has given way to opportunities to make money without leaving the comforts of your own home. Companies today largely outsource their business for cost effective measures. One of the opportunities that outsourcing has given way to is the possibility of earning from home by becoming a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant or a VA is a self-employed, independent, usually freelancing entrepreneur who offers a variety of services (such as technical, creative, and/or administrative) to a client. As a virtual assistant, your main task is to provide services to clients by helping them run their daily business transactions. Virtual assistants make money by performing tasks related to secretarial work such as word processing, correspondence to customers and clients through phone, email or fax, project management, database management, book keeping, handling billing and web design. The income you get for being a VA depends largely on a rate per hour basis based on the kind of work you do, and the number of hours you work for the client. Virtual assistants usually make money anywhere from $5 to $50 per hour.

The advantage of being a virtual assistant is quite obvious. Not only can you make money within the comforts of your home at your own pace and time while keeping a close watch on your family, but you can also enjoy the much lower pressure as compared to working for a boss in a real world office. Although being a VA may not pay as much as the corporate world does the cost and time expense in commuting to and from work also compensates for it quite well.

To become a virtual assistance, you need to be skilled with as much business and office related work as possible. The more skills you have, the more qualified you are and the more companies may consider hiring you. However, the main key to success in VA is to properly market yourself to potential clients. How do you proceed with “selling” your business services to the rest of the world?

First of all, you would need to create your very own website that presents all your credentials, references and testimonials from previous clients. It is also a great idea to post your resume online at major job sites such as Career Builder or Monster.com. You should also visit websites offer freelance jobs and offer your services there, or search through companies that are looking for virtual assistants or telecommuting workers. Examples of such websites are VirtualAssistantJobs.com and Guru.com.

If you are starting out as a virtual assistant, you may find it difficult to land on a good high-paying spot. This is the exact reason why you should market yourself well. When worse comes to worse, considering lowering your rate per hour when you are starting out. You can build your credibility first and win the favour of clients then go for a mark-up on your pay rate once you have established yourself. Remember that if you want to make money as virtual assistant, excellent service and client satisfaction are your main tools for success.

Source by Alan Lim