Still it's happening! People unfortunately trying to make money by typing. I will have to grind my fingers into dust with the thousands of articles I will have to write before the message finally gets through. These online typing jobs simply do not exist! They are almost all scams and the only legitimate typing jobs you will find have been filled and are very low paying. But if you insist on proving me wrong at least use these tips I have created for people who want a work form home typing job.

As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of scams. When I say a lot I mean millions. So many people fall victim to these data entry scams when they try to make money by typing. So how do we find the legitimate typing jobs and stay away from the scams? You need to be able to tell the difference between a real company and a fraud site that just wants to take your money. This may seem easy but the distinction between these two things has been majorly blurred.

Firstly, the most obvious one. Does the web page want you to pay money to sign up? If so then you can bet your grandmother's hand-crafted quilt that it's a scam. Real online typing job web sites will only ever ask you for your email to let you know if there are positions available. They will never ask you to pay a fee to show, "how committed you are".

Another thing to look out for on the data entry scam web site is the general layout of the page. Is it full of pictures of dollar notes, luxury items and happy looking people? Most sales pages will be full of these things to force your subconscious to associated their offer with your ideas of wealth and happiness. The page will also have every conceivable element designed to reassure you and get you to believe that they are legitimate and put you into a buying state.

Now that you know a couple of the things to stay away from, I'll help you find the real work from home typing jobs. These can be found on freelance sites, simply do a search on Google and you will find a hole host of web sites. Now do not get too excited. There are millions of other people trying to make money by typing and these sites are flooded by all of the people making the chances of finding work very low. But your going to have to get used to it because this is the only way way going to be able to make money by typing.

I know I have painted a pretty grim picture here, but somebody has to. Too many people are losing their money and time chasing work from home typing jobs. Thankfully though, all is not lost. If you are still looking for an online work at home opportunity then you should have a look at internet marketing. A large number of people who were trying to make money by typing have started doing this because it's free and anyone can learn. I've got a complete rundown on this topic in the link below as well as how to get started with internet marketing, check it out! Careful though, it might just change your life.

Source by Sam Mopps