Making money fast is the goal of most people. Making money alone is not enough and what is required is velocity. Making $ 40,000 dollars in a whole year is common and not very exciting, but making $ 40,000 per week, now we have an income worth getting excited about.

Can you imagine running your own business with an income of $ 40,000 per week? Do you think you would be proud of yourself, at least as far as financial goals are concerned, you have done very well. Although it is not very common, it can be done and there are individuals out there, that started with nothing and built up an income similar to this very quickly.

Without thinking about it too much I can tell you an income like this can be achieved with leverage of some form. The three main forms of leverage are time leverage, money leverage and people leverage .. Using just one can help you achieve such a goal, but utilizing 2 or even all three of them, you are much more likely to achieve it.

Just remember with leverage, it is a tool and like any tool it magnifies results. If your results are good it will make a lot more of them more quickly, but if your results are bad, in other words, you are losing money, you will actually lose it a hell of a lot quicker. Leverage is a tool like a scalpel. In a surgeons hands, a scalpel can save a life, in a madman's hands it can destroy a life.

Using leverage however, once you get to a point where you are profitable and know what you are doing, you can use one of the types of leverage to magnify and increase the velocity of what is already happening which is making money.

Source by Terry Hart