While I was in college my roommates and I, were always looking for a quick way to make cash. We all had a serious class load at the time, so there really was not a way for us to handle real jobs. The biggest problem with these real jobs was the fact that they would not work round our schedules. That is when the idea hit us, there had to be something that we could do, when we have time, that would make us the cash we needed to make our educational experience much more fun.

After nights of thinking about quick cash ideas and coming up with nothing, we sat down and listed everything that we owned. What we discovered was a list full of bad music and even worse furniture. Nonetheless, there lurking amongst the possessions, was my friends big old farm truck. A business was born. We became the on campus movers.

There was so much money to be had that it was unbelievable that no one had through about it before us. There were four of us that went in on this together, and there was not a night that all four of us did not a job. The money that we bought in for such little work was amazing. The best thing is we never once spent a penny. First we advertised online, which was free. After we completed our first hiring job we took the money earned and through it into advertising. Fliers were printed, ads were in papers and we lived in a wealthy bliss.

Source by Samuel Austin