ClickBank marketplace has very good reputation because its integrity especially its discipline in quality of tracking sales, paying commission on the time to its affiliate marketers. Most of all level affiliate marketers know ClickBank.

If you ever join affiliate marketer forums you'll see some of affiliate make money with ClickBank and some others do not. What makes these two sides different?

Here are some fields that you should notice in starting off make money through ClickBank:

1. ClickBank is digital products only. You can not expect promoting a bedcover here, but software or information products like internet marketing courses.

2. How to pick products to promote? First you choose what makes you decent money, then pick what you like to promote.

3. Watch the refund rate: successful business is always giving win-win solution. High refund rate means lots of not happy customers with the quality of the products.

4. Do not trust the gravity: the higher the gravity level, you'll get more attractive products in customers view. But you can not 100% trust this. It's not always true this way. You have to think in customers way, then what you feel about the product is approximately what the customers feel.

5. Do not promote too many products: focus just 3-7 products at the same time then compare each other.

6. Buying the product: sometimes buying the products yourself is good, so you'll have the experience in order to deliver the best products to the customers.

So, after those tips, you actually have to know how to promote online, in other word it's how to do internet marketing.

It's you job as affiliate to send traffic to your merchant's site through your link then you'll get credits to what your visitors buy within the merchant's website. Learn how to do internet marketing yourself will take more time for you to succeed.

Yes, as affiliate marketing you should take internet marketing course to get rid of this problem. You may have free information around the internet, but you will take risks that it'll be biased information. The most expensive information is usually free one.

It's like you build your own business if you see in from offline world offline offline business. You can build your own shop or store selling and operate as just the way you want. To do this you should know how to do effective promotion, marketing system, human resource system and more. Or, the second choice is you take franchise.

In affiliate marketing although when you start off you do not deal with big things to handle but it should be profitable business as it supposedly to be.

Suggestion, if you do not want to take the process in affiliate marketing, you can take personal franchise which is online. In personal franchise it's lower start up cost, a business with proven system, all you need to operate this is just by doing the system and you do not have to do the "thinking" part of how to do this business yourself. It's already done for you, you buy it in very low cost and of course low risk and high return.

I call it myself a dream business.

Source by Anggo J