Have you heard about all the people trying to make money from typing? It's becoming incredibly popular. After doing some research I found that last month the number of searches on Google for work from home typing jobs has tripled! Why is this happening and does it work? These are the questions I've been receiving a lot and I will answer them here and give you some insight to this phenomenon.

Firstly, why are so many people trying to make money from typing? Because of the global economic crisis, millions of people are fearing losing their jobs and a large proportion of these people have no other options. So people finally start looking at all those spam emails about making $ 400 / day with work from home typing.

Is this is a bad thing? It certainly is. The problem is, these legitimate typing jobs do not exist!

Data entry scam web sites have perpetuated a myth about these online typing jobs not only existing, but making people rich! The truth is that there are a very small amount of legitimate typing jobs. These online typing jobs are offered by companies and you will be paid poorly and be expected to do a lot of work for tough deadlines.

It's very hard to make money from typing because these jobs are low paying and very competitive, because so many people think they will be paid much more than they really will be. This results in huge numbers of applications, which leaves virtually no available online typing opportunities.

The intense amount of competition brings me to my next point about online typing jobs. There are freelance web sites that offer anyone the chance to bid on work offers made by people who want work written for them. There are a lot of these data entry jobs to be done because a lot of people can not be bothered writing there own articles. But alas with every job offer there is a number of other people bidding on that job, usually over 20 for data entry jobs. If you want to make money from typing then this will be where you spend most of your time, applying and expecting to get accepted for a job. I do not know about you but this is not my cup of tea.

I went down that path for a while before I started to think about the people who were offering these jobs. They obviously had the money to pay for a lot of dirty work to be done for them. This was when I discovered internet marketing. If your looking for a work at home opportunity, do not try and make money from typing, it's not worth it. Without you love giving away your time and possibly your money! I did not think so, I've written a lot about online typing jobs if your still determined to find one of these jobs. There is also the best alternative I have found online which is making me money now, have a look!

Source by Sam Mopps