Wood carvings have always been popular. Most people, who have ever been to countries such as Indonesia, or the Philippines, will have seen them being made by hand. The talented craftsmen sitting cross-legged on the floor, chipping away at a piece of wood, until they have created an animal, person’s head, or other wonderful piece of wood carving. These unique one-offs always seem far more special than anything we could make. Then, one day, you visit a craft shop back home, and see a shelf filled with identical wood carvings. How do they get them all to look the same? Surely, one craftsman cannot be that precise each time? Well, no, they can’t. The secret behind this mass-production is a wood-carving machine. This is where you can set up your own lucrative business, making woodcarvings, without having to lift a single carving tool yourself.

The wood carving machines take one wood carving, and make identical copies. The way they work is almost magical. The original carving is literally traced by the machine, and it carves a second copy as it goes. That original carving, that costs two hundred bucks, say, then becomes two. The opportunities are endless. You can make as many copies, of any wooden carving, as you want to. Each one is identical to the first, and can therefore be sold for the same amount of money. Wooden seats for stools, wooden book ends, wooden Christmas tree decorations, and anything else that you can find, can all be duplicated in the same amount of detail as the original.

The only outlay that you need to make is for the machine, and the wood. Some of these wood carving machines can be found, second-hand, on sale for as little as a couple of hundred bucks. So, if you made a copy of a carving that originally sold for $200, you could sell the second one for the same amount of money and have recovered the cost of buying the wood carving machine with only one carving! The wood that you use can also be any type that you can find. You can even find wood for free. A lot of people have trees in their gardens that they do not want anymore, and have them cut down. Quite often, the trunk is then chopped up for fire wood. However, if you get in touch with a person who you know has just had a tree taken down; you can probably get some of the wood before it has been chopped up into smaller pieces. They will be glad that you take it off their hands, and probably not want any money for it. It is worth getting in touch with your local tree surgeons, or other companies that actually cut down the trees, and see if they can get hold of the wood for you cheaply.

Before you know it, you will be creating wood carvings that are every bit as good as the original hand-carved ones, and building a nice little business out of it that you can expand massively!

Source by Steve J Carter