Corporate finance is an area of ​​finance dealing with the financial decisions corporations make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions.

Professionals in corporate finance assist organizations generate money to run the business and grow the business. Theses specialists work to support and expand business operations, put together acquisitions, manage cash resources, and ensure future economic stability.

To succeed in this field you will need strong analytic and problem solving skills. Corporate finance officers need to be well rounded and able to communicate clearly to others. These professionals' design and implement financial policies, plan the financial program, and monitor cash resources.


Those who strive to work in the field of corporate finance will need to have at least a bachelors degree in finance or accounting. Although a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration is the minimum academic preparation for corporate finance, you will most likely need a master's degree in business administration or finance. Continuing education is necessary for finance professionals who need to be kept up to date with changes in federal and state regulations as they refer to finance. Some companies will provide their employees with the opportunity to attend graduate courses or attend conferences related to their specialty.


Corporate finance officers often work long hours – upwards of 50 hours per week. The financial rewards however can be worthwhile. Corporate financial professionals earn from $ 75.00 annually to over $ 175,000. There are unlimited earnings in this field when you work for major corporations and have many years of experience.

Source by Mary Hart