There are many ways to make money in WoW, especially now, after the release of the new expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King. Some of them are risky, some of them require a lot of time and only a few grant you 100% profit. In this article I will concentrate on the one 100% profitable method to make money in WoW.

As the title says, my method makes a reference to the gathering professions of the game. The professions that I am talking about are mining and herbalism. They are the only full focused on gathering. The other tradeskills that have only partial gathering are skinning and tailoring and they you must do some grinding as well, to take advantage of them.

Now, to put to work your tradeskills and actually make money with them there are a few requirements. First of all, you need to maximize them, in order to be able to get the highest level minerals and plants. The second important thing is an epic flying mount for the 70+ areas and an epic ground mount for the ones in Azeroth. You need to move fast to be always a step ahead your competition. Also, when gathering minerals or plants you need to be very sharp and keep your eyes on the radar so that not even a single resource will escape you. Another good thing as a gatherer, not a must, but a good thing, is to have these two professions, mining / herbalism on a single character, an alt of yours. This will help you kill two birds with one stone.

Selling the collected resources to the Auction House also requires some know-how. Plants and minerals are very needed by crafters, some of them not having any gathering, and they must buy them from AH. The best moments to sell your stuff is by the middle of the week, because players do not have too much time to farm by that time and the prices rise. Also, try to auction only full stacks because everyone would rather buy a full stack than 17 or 19 pieces. As I said, since everything you sell is collected by yourself, without any crafting or equipment costs, it is all 100% profit.

These are the basics that any player must know in order to make money in WoW with their collecting skills. However, there are, as well, other ways to increase your profits comprised in a few WoW gold guides out there, powerful information that will show any player how to get rich even without any profession.

Source by Evan Scott