This is a sequel for our series of articles about how to make money online interviewing big names. We have discussed in earlier articles the basics of making a great interview that would bring more and more people to your site if you are making it for your website or that would sell for big sum of money if you are a freelancer. When you are interviewing you need to:

Make Money Online: Run the Questions before Recording

Before getting these cameras running and recording, make sure to run through the questions with the interview, making sure that he is OK with the questions. The last thing you need is to ask a question that according to your interviewee is inappropriate or catch the interviewee uneasiness on tape. The best thing is to have the interviewee coming 30-45 Min. before the interview to get comfortable with his surrounding, and to discuss the questions and edit them in accordance to his preferences. This would be great for the camera man to come up with the right technique to get you great interview.

Make Money Online: Reversal:

You need to reverse if you are going to be the one interviewing. Start by practicing out loud with a colleague or a friend. This will help you master the voice tone, the body language, and the steering of the interview. As they say practice leads to perfection. Reversals well help you predict problems before they happen and to get them out of your way before it is too late and you get to memorize the question so that you would not have to keep on reading from your papers which usually give a bad impression in interviews as it breaks the eye contact.

Source by Ahmed Mohey El-Deen