In my last article we discussed different "tags" that can be filled with Keywords to tell search engines what a web page is about. There are other good ways to get Keywords onto web pages. Just be careful to avoid Keyword "stuffing."

Here are some good ideas for using Keywords on web pages:

  1. Links on the page . You are allowed to put links over words on web pages. This is called "hyper linking" the words. Most of you do it for Keywords because hyperlinked words are a way to communicate to the search engines what is on the web page. The web spiders will live up to their name and crawl out of your webpage and into the web page that is being linked. This gives them interesting information that is used in their search ranking calculations.
  2. Bullet Points . These lists represent another opportunity to use Keyword phrases although they must fit within the web page context.
  3. Quotes . Short relevant quotes from individuals are allowed to use Keywords up to a point. If you do not overdo this you will be fine.
  4. Interviews . Similar to quotes, this is a chance to use more Keywords. This is especially true where both the question and the answer are on the page. Because you are reporting on an actual conversation that took place you can not be accused of "stuffing." All you are doing is reporting what happened.
  5. References . Stick a box at the bottom of the page or article and then you can mention the links and resources found on the rest of the page.
  6. Summary Boxes . The search engines will not penalize you for helping the readers by summarizing the main points in a separate box. Of course the main points are described by Keywords, so it is a great chance to use them one more time on that page.
  7. Link Titles . The HTML code for a Keyword link can actually use the Keyword a second time if it is used in giving the title of the link. If you do HTML signatures using anchor text you know what I mean. Just double up the anchor text by making one of them the link title.
  8. Testimonials . Similar to quotes, all you do here is report which satisfied customers had to say, and of course these customers will use Keywords in describing how great your business is.

So here are some good ideas for using more Keywords on web pages and articles. If you think of any more that I forgot please let me know.

Source by Leo J. Vidal