Want to make money online free and easy way? Here are the 3 proven methods for you!

First, submit links to social bookmarking sites

To make money online free and easy, you can offer to submit website links to social bookmarking sites for some webmasters.

To get more traffic to their websites, many webmasters choose to submit their websites to social bookmarking sites. But it is not possible for them to do all these by themselves given the limited hours that they have in a day. That's where you fit in.

You can offer your service to help these webmasters to submit their websites to various social bookmarking sites for a fee. Simply gather some popular social bookmarking sites details. Decide on a fee structure. Then advertise your services through your friends, social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

With just a few clicks, you are able to make some money online! Is not this a great way to make money online free and easy?

Second, sell your unused items on eBay

You can make money online free and easy by selling your unused items on eBay. One man's trash is another man's treasure! Your unused items may be just what another man needs or wants.

It's very easy to get started on eBay. First, dig out your unused items – it can be your childhood toy, your grandmother's glasses, your grandma's radio, an antique watch, unwanted dress, old camera etc.

Once you have identified the items that you wanted to sell, go to eBay.com and register yourself as a seller. After that, set up a PayPal account to accept payment. Post your items on eBay.com for sale and wait for a buyer to come along.

Third, participate in paid surveys

This is another favorite way to make money online free and easy.

To participate in the surveys, look for legitimate paid survey sites.

Get yourself registered with a few of these sites. Let the companies know about the type of services which you are registered with. Participate in the survey and get paid!

While this method may not get you tons of money at one time, but if you do it consistently for a period of time, you can make a rather lucrative income from your internet. Is not it very easy?

So, there you go! Three proven methods which you can make money online free and easy! Try out the methods now!

Source by Yc Lim