Making money online in itself can be a big challenge (it need not me by the way). But for those who have success, many are just working no more than a 9-5 job from home. Plain and simply because they do not use using marketing methods and strategies that leverage their time.

In this article I am going to show you and elaborate on 5 methods and marketing strategies that will help you automate your income online. They are:

1. Video marketing.
2. Outsourcing your work
3. Pay Per Click Advertising
4. Take on affiliates
5. Use viral marketing

Now do not get me wrong, if you're new to making money online then at first you will need to invest time. But it is also important, early on, to build a foundation that insures long term stability. That's when you can set your business on autopilot!

So here they are:

1. Video marketing

This is not only a very powerful form of advertising your products or service but once you set up your videos correctly and they have "Great Content", then people will recommend your videos and you will get a huge numbers of views without you having to do anything. I can not recommend them enough for anyone looking to leakage time in their business.

2. Use PPC Marketing

You may be doing this already but I want to be sure that I do not give their impression here that you can just set up campaigns and leave them running you will need to check and make frequent adjustments but using 'AdWords editor' this can be done very easily.

3. Use Viral marketing

This again is a very powerful method to expand your business and really does not take up a lot of your time at all.

4. Outsource your work

Do not for one minute think you have to master every skill in online marketing … very few people can. If you are struggling with one particular area eg website creation or copywriting then you MUST outsource that work, because it will save you so much time learning, failing, it will relieve you of a lot of stress and they will be doing to better than you anyway.

5. Use affiliates

Taking on a building a good relationship with affiliates is paramount to you growing a large business without it taking on lots of time. Affiliates will essentially do ALL YOUR WORK FOR YOU IF … you help them upfront and give them the best tools possible. I advice to be very generous to your affiliates on the front end even giving them as much as 100% on each sale, you will make more money on the back end.

6. (As a bonus) … Use an Autoresponder!

I know a lot of people reading this know already but how could I write this article without including this?

Simply answer … I could not!

Using an autoresponder is ESSENTIAL to any kind of winning success online.

There you have it 6 ways to instantly automate your income online.

Source by William Lawson