Google has a program called AdSense that allows website owners to place targeted advertising on their own sites and make money from any clicks on the ads. For some entrepreneurs with very high traffic, they are able to make a lucrative full-time income every month, in excess of $ 7000 month.

You may not have the traffic to create this kind of income, but you can learn how to improve your results so clearly that you can create a good income from AdSense every month.

These tips are simple and easy to use and follow. Maybe you've seen them before, but are you using every single one of them? If you do not follow all of them, you are going to be missing out on money.

Tip # 1

Place the ads above the fold. It's an old newspaper term, but it applies to the Internet. Make sure the ads are in the top of your screen and visitors do not need to scroll down to see them.

Tip # 2

Customize the look. Ensure your AdSense ads are in the same colors and and texts as your website. Make sure the heading stands out in a strong color. Gray out or subdue the URLs. The headline is what will cause people to click and the advertisers may have paid a lot of money to get it work well. Do not use borders around your ad and make sure the background color matches your site.

Tip # 3

Increase your traffic. It can be done. Learn different ways you can increase your traffic through both free and paid advertising. There are as many ways to promote your site as you can come up with.

Tip # 4

Attract high paying ads. Use Google's Keyword Checker or other free tools to search out high paying keyword terms. If you can write articles in your niche and still get these keywords, then you have a better chance of high paying ads appearing on your site.

Tip # 5

Ensure you are getting relevant ads. If you are continuously getting ads you do not want, use the filter feature in AdWords to block irrelevant websites. Make sure you are using plenty of relevant keywords on every page the ads are appearing, so Google can target the ads properly.

Tip # 6

choose the best AdSense ad sizes. People have become very adept at ignoring ads, so make sure you use every technique you can to get them to pay attention. Ad blocks in the middle of your articles are very effective.

Tip # 7

Create multiple ads. Although you may be tempted to use the same code to create ads to save time, avoid the temptation. It's better to create several identical AdSense templates, then give them unique names. This way, you can see which ads are working best.

Tip # 8

Use channels for every page on your site. When you combine this with tip 7, you can monitor each ad on every page of your site for its performance.

Tip # 9

Monitor your CTR (click-through-rates). If you are doing everything else listed in this article, monitor your click through rates for ad you use. This is easy to do if you followed tips 7 and 8. If a particular page is not performing well, consider making minor edits to the keywords and meta tags to improve the performance.

Source by Rebecca Habel