Looking to make money playing World of Warcraft? Well, I'm not surprised one bit. According to a report issued by Blizzard entertainment, the world of Azeroth is now flourishing with more than 10 million subscribers. Any time you have those kinds of numbers, a very lucrative market presents itself. Many players, and even those who never played before, have seen this trend and have capitalized on this money making opportunity.

Companies like WoWGold, BroGame, and an extensive list of others make incredible amounts of money performing services for WoW players that would not otherwise do themselves. These services include farming gold, power leveling, or speed leveling characters, doing difficult quests, and more. They do not get rich, but they're playing a video game for work for heaven's sake. What job would be better? This market has even attracted players to the game who had no previous interest in World of Warcraft.

How do they do this so well? How can you learn these techniques? I'm just about to tell you so read on. There are several accelerated methods and strategies to expediting the process of gold making, leveling characters, and doing quests, the aforementioned best ways to make money playing World of Warcraft. So what? How can this make someone money?

Well for starters, there is a massive demand for the main denomination of World of Warcraft currency, or "Gold." These companies have learned incredible techniques to make massive amounts of gold in very small amounts of time. These include farming at the best possible gold making spots, selling rare items, working the auction house, and mastering trade skills. They then convert this money into REAL cash by selling it on either their own websites, or player auction sites. Easy money, so to speak.

Next in how can I make money playing World of Warcraft, there's power leveling, essentially leveling a character as fast as possible. Other players are always wanting new high level characters because they get bored of their current ones, but they do not always want to go through the long painstaking "grind" to the maximum level.

Power leveling services are sold to consumers desiring a new high level character by either leveling characters in advance and putting them on player sites, or by receiving made in advance requests to these companies with a laid out statistical strategy, race, fact, etc. Players do this by maximizing the time they are logged in to the game by doing extremely high EXP quests, going to very HIGH exp grind spots, as well as performing other less known about complicated power leveling techniques.

How much can you really make? Well if you know the proper techniques, gold can sell as high as $ 15 for 200, which is easily made with the right strategy. Some will even go as far as to charge for delivery and tips are often given as well. Some players claim to be able to make 200 gold in under an hour. Using this technique, some players make up to $ 200 a day. A level 80 toon with the a pre-requested configuration can be sold for up to $ 600. With the proper techniques, a toon can be indebted to 80 in under one week.

Source by Eric Keene