Do you like to talk? Are you good at flirting, and not at all shy? If you answered yes to all of the questions, than there is a very good chance that you could make big money as a phone actress. Phone actions, are better known as phone sex operators. These women get paid to sit at home and talk erotically to men on the phone.

The money is amazing in this field. Not many woman can sit on the phone and connect with men, that is what enables these phone sex companies to offer such high wages. Would you be willing to talk sexually on the phone if you knew that it meant you could walk away from your nine to five job and never look back. It is this reason alone that a lot of women are willing to give this occupation a try. Half of all women that attempted phone sex, run away and hide. This is definitely not a job for everyone.

If you decide that you can do it. That you will have no problem at all conversing sexually with a stranger, than it is time to find the host company. Look for a company that has a telephone number. Dial that number and see how they answer the phone. If you constantly get a machine and never a return call, than forget that company and move onto the next one. When you find the company, remember not to take yourself too seriously. Have fun with this job.

Source by Samuel Austin