Do what you love. Do it legally. Provide real value. Enhance your life as you work in a profession that fills you up instead of sucking the life out of you. Lots of people work in jobs that they hate due to a feeling of obligation and a lack of hope. You can make your dreams come true, but doing that usually involves working in a field that provides value to others and at the same time is enjoyable to you.

Working a job that does not renew your spirit and or put a smile on your face in the morning is a slow death. Life is too short for that. If you are working a job that drains you, sit down and have a heart to heart talk with yourself. You've really got two options: find a way to love or at least tolerate the job you're currently working or switch to a new job that will really light your fire. Things to consider are your current skills and interests, but under no circumstances should you underestimate what you can achieve. If you can believe it and feel good about it, you can do it. If you do not currently have the skills, you'll acquire them. If you need something to facilitate doing your new job, you'll acquire that too. Blind faith will work miracles in your life if you just get your logical mind out of the way long enough to let it.

An ellogical concept that can really gum up your prospects is the idea of ​​scarcity; the idea that there's a finite supply of things to go around – and if you do not take yours, maybe you will not get any. There is an infinite supply of things in the universe. There is an infinite supply of opportunities. They are created by what you think and what you feel. Take responsibility for the potential of your own greatness and kick some butt out there. All the money you could ever want and need is yours – you just have to believe in yourself.

Source by Brad Homer