Will You Ever Have Your Place in the Sun?

"Make money, make money," it looks that's all we're thinking about these days. Who can blame anyone, what with our life's savings eroding … or even our homes in jeopardy of being taken away.

Now let's add to this "great" economy we're in, the harsh reality that we've not yet made our mark though we're somewhere near 50 years old. We're still reaching that point of success we have spent our lives working towards. No doubt, this weighs heavily on the psyche.

Nonetheless, my question is this: Why are so many people floating around aimlessly, in fear, wondering what to do about this economy, waiting for something or someone to fix it all for them?

As a Baby Boomer, I understand all too well about the threat of failure as time seems to accelerate year after year, and the things we've worked so hard and so long for just slip through our hands. But Here's a VERY interesting point that will give you a major boost, take the worry off, and change that feeling of "running out of time" into an entirely new and correct perspective …

Did you know that the greatest percentage of very successful people did not actually become very successful until they were in their 50s? That's right, my friend. Check this out for yourself and you will see that this is absolutely true.

I'm not in any way referring to those who were born into money. I'm talking about their forefathers. I'm talking about those who started from scratch and made something out of nothing. We can add to this that fact that most people also made their greatest amount of money between the ages of 50 and 80. John D. Rockefeller made his greatest earnings at 74, Andrew Carnegie was 68, Henry Ford was 57. Did you know that Ray Kroc did not even get started with McDonald's until the age of 52? This age group of success at 50-something can be tracked back as far as BC and the Roman Empire.

This just changes everything, does not it? This is the most exciting news when you come to realize this. Time, after all, is relative, and only what we consider it to be. We either have too much or too little on our hands.

Let's face it, we're accredited to living in an "I want it, and I want it now" society. So 50 years sees out of the question as far as the attainment of wealth and success is concerned. In fact, the perspective is "you've failed" if you're not a raging success by 40. Oh yeah, who says? Not the people mentioned above or millions of others just like them.

Most people would "agree" that they do not have enough time: the "too little, too late" mindset. But again, time is only a relative perspective. Did you even notice that time flies when you're having fun and it seems to drag when you're bored?

There is most certainly a way to "beat the clock" so to speak, actually change the rate of time … but that's for another article or book. For now, let's just talk about success and how to make money and how you are actually at the precise place, in the right time for reaching your lifelong goals! If "make money" is one of your goals, no problem. And here's how …

Just think for a moment how much you now know. It's remarkable when you really take a look. Incredible, in fact! And I think we'd all agree that "if we knew then what we know now …" we'd be rich in finance, love, happiness and thought.

The mistake that so many folks make is that they hold on to the false perspective that "there's not enough time," "if I have not met my goals by now, I never will," and so, so many other considerations.

Whether these ludicrous concepts are conjured up by oneself, or someone else finally got you to agree with them, IT IS FALSE INFORMATION. It is only as true as you believe it to be so. If you go on "believing" it, you will most certainly not reach what you've spent your entire life working for. But …

If you will simply realize that you are just a few steps away from reaching your goals, you can most certainly achieve all that you've ever strived for.

The belief in "failure" is just a thought – it is lighter than air, yet the more solidly you construct it in front of you, it can become like a brick wall.

Well, know this: if you have the worst consideration that you are too old for success or to make money, then to that degree you are stopping yourself from EVER entering into the place that you have so long traveled to reach. Get the picture?

The most frustrating thing about this is, just how close you really are.

Understand this: It does not matter whether you've been laid off, you've lost much of what you've worked for in your entire life or you see no immediate solution … THERE IS HOPE. With all that you know …

You have been to the greatest school ever offered to mankind since time immemorial. Your education bests the most prestigious ivy leagues combined. You, my friend, have been to the school of hard knocks, the school of life. And no textbook education could ever in a million years teach the knowledge, certyty and understanding that this "school" lectures us.

What does this all mean? It means that if you want to make money, YOU HAVE A LIFETIME OF EXPERIENCE AND INFORMATION THAT IS WORTH MILLIONS TO OTHERS! If you want to help others, you have a lifetime of experience and information that is priceless help for others to learn by and from which to avoid mistakes. Make money or not, YOU ARE A WEALTH OF INFORMATION!

And, thank our lucky stars, we no longer live in the industrial age; we live in THE INFORMATION AGE. And INFORMATION IS THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER COMMODITY IN EXISTENCE TODAY: more so than diamonds, gold or platinum. Remember, INFORMATION IS POWER. It always has been and always will be. Because information enables, information empowers. And with it, one can get or achieve anything they want.

Although you've probably heard about this information in the past, you may have passed it because you felt you had no information of value to offer anyone. Whether that was the case or not is irrelevant. What matters now is that without question, either either have a story story or helpful information that people will pay for – millions of people will pay for. And you can help them in the process.

How can I be so certain? Because millions of people on a daily basis spend money for information. Statistics and personal observation do not lie. This is measurable beyond question or doubt.

"But there's a tough economy out there," you say? Listen to this fact: Books sell in ANY economy – up or down, in a market that's bearish or bullish. People get back to basics during tough economic times – we've had them before – and books are considered inexpensive basics for enjoying life or improving conditions and surviving better and so much more.


Books are extremely valuable to our society for so many reasons that to start listing them would begin a very long task of which I wish not to undertake for this article. But I'm sure that you could easily think of some valuable aspects that books bring to our society quite easily.

And this brings me to my main point, the point I wish to make that reveal how you can, no matter were you in this economy, no matter what your age …

YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS THROUGH BEING A PUBLISHED BOOK AUTHOR. Being a book author offers so many things: make money, your own business, immunity respect, make money, huge success potential if you want to make money, tax deductions …, just to show the very tip of the tip of the iceberg . Oh, and did I mention make money?

And having a published book is just the starting point to any number of potential avenues: paid guest appearances, professional speaking (many people get $ 10,000 – $ 30,000 per one-hour speaking engagement), becoming a motivator or story-teller, more books, movie rights …. Again, just the tip of the iceberg in what you can do. In fact, having a book can open any door for you. It's a very powerful thing.

In all, having a book written and published can put you back in control and winning, even in this economy. It allows you to start a new and exciting game or adventure, depending on how you look at it. If you do not write, do not sweat it. There are professional book writers who can write your book for you.

Stop "thinking" it's too late for success. Start realizing that you are just a few steps away from achieving what you've been driving for. Tear down that wall; it is only imaginary. Have more wealth, love and happiness than you've ever dreamed of. Now get going!

Source by Robert Nahas