Thousands of people are trying to make money typing from home and thousands of people are wasting their time. Why? Because these legitimate typing jobs do not actually exist, well at least not in the same way you think they do.

I'll let you in on the secrets that a lot of web sites would not like you to know about online typing work.

The first mistake that people make when they try to make money typing from home is to be cooked up in a scam. Now I hope your not thinking, "only an idiot would get scammed", because it can happen to anyone and the data entry scams are very, very effective. For example, some work from home typing sites place a scam certified logo on their web page. This might seem pretty trustworthy, but in many cases this certification comes from a site owned by someone who is connected or associated with the owner of that very web site. This is just one example of the lengths these people will go to, to convince you that they are genuine.

Most people just want a part time typing job when they want to make money typing from home. They go into these online typing jobs expecting to be paid ridiculous amounts of money for incredibly simple work, because scam web sites and perpetuating this idea. So what are real typing jobs actually like? If you manage to actually find a legitimate typing job through all the scams, you will be disappointed. They will not offer you very much money at all. The best work at home typing jobs that I've seen offer US $ 15-20 an hour. Now I guess this might be all your looking for, but you need to know what the work involves and what you will require.

If you want to make money typing from home you will need to be focused, determined and committed. Typical data entry jobs will require you to have a certain typing speed and this can take a long time to work up to, especially if you have not had much experience with computers. You will have to put up with some of the most tedious tasks I have ever encountered, such as entering huge amounts of data into spreadsheets. A lot of people complain about stress and fatigue in work from home typing jobs. Most people do not expect this, but a mix of deadlines and many hours sitting in the same position can take its toll on the body. It is highly recommended that you purchase ergonomic equipment that will prevent things like carpal tunnel.

This is just a few examples of what you can expect if you want to make money typing from home. As you can see it's not nearly as enticing as it sees and with all the possible data entry scams it's not worth your time. There is however another online work opportunity called Internet marketing. Might seem like a difficult thing but the great news is anyone can do it and reap huge rewards if they put in effort, unlike typing jobs.

Source by Sam Mopps