If you are trying to think of ways to make money with no money to start with, consider anything you can do with your hands. Whether it is handicrafts, arts, home repairs, or any other handy skill, you can think of ways to make money with it.


I know a woman who hates to have her hands still. When she is watching television, or when she is a passenger in a car, she crochets. She loves to crochet, and of course her materials cost her very little.

Mostly she crochets long tubes, over two feet long and about 4 inches wide, with a handle on one end. These can be hung on a kitchen wall, where you can put your used but clean plastic bags in the top and take other bags out the bottom. The crocheting keeps bags from falling out the bottom. She also crochets dish clothes. Then once a year, before Christmas, she sells her year's output at crafts fairs and to friends.

This is one example out of hundreds that could be recorded, where an everyday handicraft becomes a means of income. Knitting, embroidery, beadwork, sewing, woodworking, and many other hobbies can be turned into income.


If you can draw, paint, or do other art, you can monetize it in many ways. If your paintings are rather expensive, you can make digital greeting cards or prints to appeal to a wider range of pocketbooks. If you can do portraits from photographs, you can tap into the market for personalized art.

Take a look around your community and see if you can find a niche that would suit you. Visit crafts fairs, art galleries, and consignment shops. Is there an annual studio tour that you could take part in? What about selling your art further afield, like online or in galleries in other areas?

Home Repairs

If you can fix things, you can find people who need things fixed. Whatever your skills are with appliances, vehicles, or things around a house, there are always people who do not know how to fix them. If you advertise for odd jobs, say "No job too small." Even though some jobs may only take you a short time and may not seem worth it to you, the person who hires you could have a lot more work for you. Or they could tell others about you. Word of mouth is very useful in building up a business like this.

Source by Robert A Robertson