RSS feeds have been the talk of the Internet community for the past ten years. Many web editors and online marketers are using this to rapidly syndicate news around the world. RSS feeds not only allows you to quickly browse through current news on the internet, but it can also give you enough flexibility in reading what you want online in a short period of time. As a result of this unique application, many web entrepreneurs are discovering ways to make money with rss feeds and content.

Before you can ever get started with knowing how to make money with RSS feeds, you have to first know what RSS is. The term RSS means "really simple syndication". In simpleer terms, you can describe an RSS document or "feed" as a snippet or snippet of content on a particular web page or blog. This content is then syndicated through the World Wide Web as an RSS and visitors can subscribe to these feeds and place it as a bookmark on their personal pages. This is a good way for subscribers to know if there is fresh content on some of their favorite sites. However, some marketers use this application to generate changing content on their pages to make money with rss feeds as an affiliate marketer.

The most effective way to make money with rss feeds is by creating a blog. Any blog service you use should already be set up with a working RSS feed application. If you currently maintain a blog of your own, you can utilize the power of blogs to create and syndicate content across the internet for the sole purpose making profits. Many web marketers do this by writing a blog post about various affiliate products or services of their own. The next step is to submit your blog to an RSS feed submiter site or directory to increase the chances that people subscribe to your RSS feed. Making money with rss feeds can be easily done when using blogs.

There is another method some internet marketers use to make money with rss feeds. Some individuals use rss feeds to convert their website pages from being dynamic to becoming static pages. Static pages are the web pages that are frequently updated with new and fresh content. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, love to spider these changing sites and rank them well in the search engines. Blogs are an example of static pages. However, some marketers add rss feeds to dynamic pages to trick the search engines into thinking the particular site is being constantly updated with fresh content but actually, it is borrowed content. On these sites, in particular, the owner uses AdSense ads or affiliate links to make money with rss feeds.

Source by Melvin Perry