The easiest way to make money writing articles online is to give useful information. Whoever you are you can start today by writing an article giving practical advice or information. You can keep it as a side way of earning a little extra or you can take it to the business level.

The key is to find a group of people who have a specific problem, need or desire and then give them the information they want. Everybody from chefs to golfers to doctors to pregnant women have problems. What you need to do is package your advice and make it quickly readable.

Here are four ways to make money writing articles online:

1. Rules. Write about the golden rules that need to be followed for success. A checklist of rules to follow is satisfying as it tells us we are doing the right thing. Morally we hold the high ground when things go wrong. Basically people feel more comfortable following rules.

2. Make things faster. Make money writing articles online by telling people how they can make a process faster. People always want to achieve results faster than they are currently doing. If a person or business can do something faster they can either repeat it again and again or move on to the next project more quickly.

3. Write product reviews. Before people buy they usually research. People like to get the opinions of others before they buy to make them feel they are making the right decision. The problem people have these days is choice. Narrow it down for them.

4. Secrets. Tell people something that only a few people know. The anticipation of being let in on a secret is fantastic. Give people privileged knowledge that will put them ahead of the competition. They will listen to you again if you can do this the first time.

To make money writing articles online you have to give people practical advice they can act on immediately.

Source by James Vee